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Man Utd Quiz Questions

  1. Manchester United legend Sir Matt Busby served most of his playing career with which English club?
  2. The 'United Trinity' refers to which trio of Manchester United players, as featured in a statue outside Old Trafford?
  3. Who netted United's first-ever Premier League goal?
  4. How many Manchester United players were in England's Euro 2016 squad?
  5. Who was the captain of Manchester United in the inaugural 1992/93 season?

  6. Which former Manchester United player had the nickname 'Chicharito' on his shirt? And what's the translation?
  7. Eric Cantona scored the first hat-trick in the Premier League; how many hat-tricks did he score for Manchester United in the Premier League in total?
  8. Which former favourite managed a Welsh club in 2014?
  9. Who made 206 consecutive league appearances between 1977 and 1981?
  10. Who comes third in the list of most appearances after Ryan Giggs and Sir Bobby Charlton?
  11. Who scored four goals in 13 minutes against Nottingham Forest in the Premier League in 1999?
  12. Which manager gave Dennis Law a free transfer in the summer of 1973 (after 11 years at the club)? And where did Law go?


  1. Manchester City (with 204 appearances)
  2. George Best, Denis Law, and Sir Bobby Charlton
  3. Mark Hughes
  4. Three (Chris Smalling. Marcus Rashford, and Wayne Rooney)
  5. Bryan Robson
  6. Javier Hernandez, little pea
  7. None (he scored the first hat-trick playing for Leeds United)
  8. Ole Gunnar Solskjær (the club was Cardiff City)
  9. Steve Coppell
  10. Paul Scholes
  11. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer
  12. Tommy Docherty, Manchester City

Quiz - Sir Alex Ferguson

  1. What is Sir Alex Ferguson's middle name?
  2. How many times has Sir Alex Ferguson been crowned 'Manager of the Year'?
  3. In November 2009, Ferguson received a four match touchline ban for accusing referee Alan Wiley of what: (a)incompetence, (b)being unfit, (c)playing too much injury time?
  4. Which Scottish club was Alex Ferguson first managerial post: (a)East Stirlingshire, (b)St. Johnstone, or (c)Dunfermline?
  5. As a player, which club did Ferguson make most appearances for?
  6. In his 1999 autobiography Ferguson wrote of which former player: 'I decided this man could not be trusted an inch – I would not want to expose my back to him in a hurry'.
  7. What was 'Rock of Gibraltar'?
  8. He has been given the freedom of three British cities, can you name them?
  9. In 2011, Ferguson ended his 7 year boycott of which organisation?
  10. In December 1998, which assistant coach left to become the manager of Blackburn Rovers?
  11. Which football team did Ferguson manage from 1974 until 1978?
  12. How many Premier League titles did Ferguson win with Manchester United?


  1. Chapman
  2. 11
  3. Being unfit

  4. East Stirlingshire
  5. Falkirk
  6. Gordon Strachan
  7. A racehorse owned by Ferguson
  8. Aberdeen, Glasgow and Manchester
  9. The BBC
  10. Brian Kidd
  11. St. Mirren
  12. Thirteen

Man Utd Quiz Questions

  1. What was the club's original name before becoming Manchester United in 1902? And what were their original colours (two colours)?
  2. Who were United's shirt sponsors from 1982 to 2000?
  3. In their first Premier League match Manchester United featured two foreign (not including Irish) players; name them?
  4. In which year was Manchester United the first English football club to win the European Cup, and name both the successful manager and captain? Also, which club did they beat?
  5. Who scored in 10 consecutive Premiership matches from 22 March 2003 to 23 August 2003?
  6. Shortly after his departure from Manchester United, Eric Cantona became captain of which French national team??
  7. In the 1990s Manchester United had four captains. Name them?
  8. Which two United players were members of England's 1966 World Cup winning team?
  9. Manchester United beat which team 8-2 in the 2011/12 Premiership season?
  10. Four Manchester United players have won European Footballer of the Year; name them?


  1. Newton Heath, green and yellow
  2. Sharp
  3. Peter Schmeichel and Andre Kanchelskis
  4. 1968, Sir Matt Busby, Bobby Charlton, Benfica (1-4)

  5. Ruud van Nistelrooy
  6. French national beach football team
  7. Bryan Robson, Steve Bruce, Eric Cantona and Roy Keane
  8. Bobby Charlton and Nobby Stiles
  9. Arsenal
  10. Dennis Law (1964), Bobby Charlton (1966), George Best (1968), and Cristiano Ronaldo (2008)

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