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Welcome to our Quiz About Marriage


  1. How many times has Joan Collins been married?
  2. What name is given to a marriage which includes more than two spouses?
  3. In which European city did Hollywood star George Clooney marry lawyer Amal Alamuddin in 2014?
  4. The first same-sex marriages took place in the United Kingdom in which year?
  5. Who did Ryan Reynolds meet on the set of Green Lantern in 2010 and marry in 2012?
  6. For nearly 200 years, where would couples marry at the blacksmiths over the now famous Marriage Anvil?

  7. Where did Yoko Ono and John Lennon get married because it was "quiet, British and friendly"?
  8. Who does Figaro marry in the opera The Marriage of Figaro by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart?
  9. Which American sitcom follows the lives of shoe salesman Al Bundy, his wife Peggy, and their two children?
  10. What word is an amount of property or money brought by a bride to her husband on their marriage?
  11. Who did country singer Keith Urban marry in 2006?
  12. Which famous writer said: "An archaeologist is the best husband a woman can have. The older she gets, the more interested he is in her"?
  13. Who did Sacha Baron Cohen marry in 2010?
  14. Which famous fictional character married Theresa Draco?
  15. In the Frank Sinatra song what do 'love and marriage' go together like?
  16. When 32-year-old Prince Charles married Lady Diana in July 1981, how old was Diana?
  17. What term is often given to a marriage forced or required because of pregnancy?
  18. In which country were Victoria and David Beckham married in 1999?
  19. An old superstition is if a woman sees a robin flying in the sky on Valentine's Day she will marry what sort of man? Note: We are looking for an occupation.
  20. In the poem The Owl and the Pussycat by Edward Lea, who married the Owl and the Pussy-cat?
  21. As of 2021, how many husbands has Coronation Street's Gail Platt had?
  22. What is the traditional colour for Chinese wedding dresses?
  23. Who did Borris Johnson marry in 2021?
  24. Which Shakespeare play ends with the marriage of Benedict Beatrice?
  25. Who said: "Marriage is a fine institution, but I'm not ready for an institution"?


  1. Five (Maxwell Reed,​ Anthony Newley, Ronald Kass,​ Peter Holm, and​ Percy Gibson​)
  2. Polygamy
  3. Venice
  4. 2014
  5. Blake Lively
  6. Gretna Green
  7. Gibraltar
  8. Susanna
  9. Married With Children
  10. Dowry
  11. Nicole Kidman
  12. Agatha Christie (who was married to archaeologist Max Mallowan)
  13. Isla Fisher
  14. James Bond
  15. A horse and carriage
  16. 20
  17. A shotgun wedding

  18. Ireland
  19. A sailor
  20. The Turkey
  21. Five husbands
  22. Red
  23. Carrie Symonds
  24. Much ado About Nothing
  25. Mae West