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Marvel Quiz


  1. In a career that spanned over 70 years, which comic book legend created more than 300 characters for the Marvel comic book universe?
  2. Which Marvel Comics character is commonly known as names such as "Hornhead" and "The Man Without Fear"?
  3. Iron Man is the alter ego of which genius billionaire?
  4. The Mjolnir is the principal weapon of which superhero?

  5. Old Man Logan is an alternative version of which fictional character?
  6. Which advanced computer is used by Professor X to detect humans, specifically mutants?
  7. Which landlocked country in Eastern Europe is the home of Wanda and Pietro Maximoff?
  8. What is the alter ego of Steve Rogers?
  9. A founding member of the Fantastic Four, Benjamin Jacob Grimm is also known as which superhero?
  10. Who spared Gamora and trained her to become a deadly assassin when he wiped her entire species out?
  11. What is Spider-Man's secret identity?
  12. Organized to protect the United States with its advanced weapons and extraordinary agents, what does the acronym S.H.I.E.L.D. stand for?
  13. Who is the son of the Hulk and Caiera the Oldstrong?
  14. What was the primary form of transportation for the Avengers?
  15. The original Avengers consisted of Iron Man, Ant-Man, Hulk, Thor and which other character?
  16. What is Captain America's shield made of?
  17. Which country in East Africa is home to the superhero Black Panther?
  18. What does electronics expert Scott Lang steal from Hank Pym?
  19. Which fictional character is the mentor of Doctor Strange?
  20. Which character is first depicted as a reluctant supervillain along with Pietro Maximoff, her twin brother?


  1. Stan Lee
  2. Daredevil
  3. Tony Stark
  4. Thor
  5. Wolverine
  6. Cerebro
  7. Sokovia
  8. Captain America
  9. The Thing
  10. Thanos
  11. Peter Parker
  12. Supreme Headquarters, International Espionage, Law-Enforcement Division
  13. Skaar
  14. The Quinjet
  15. The Wasp
  16. Vibranium-metal alloy
  17. Wakanda
  18. The Ant-Man suit
  19. The Ancient One
  20. Scarlet Witch (Wanda Maximoff)