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Medical Terms

Quiz - test your knowledge of medical jargon and terminology

  1. Rheumatoid is most commonly followed by what word?
  2. The metatarsal bones are found in which part of the body?
  3. Conjunctivitis is also known by what colour eye?

  4. What name is given to the process by which the body converts food and drink into energy?
  5. Often seen on sports drink labels what term means a liquid has a similar concentration of sugar, minerals and salt as our blood and cells?
  6. What name is given to a procedure in which a tissue sample is taken for closer examination?
  7. Pneumoconioses is a disease of which part of the body?
  8. If you have dysphagia you have difficulty doing what?
  9. What is pyrexia?
  10. Veisalgia comes from a Norwegian word meaning "discomfort following overindulgence" but may also be used as a medical term for what?
  11. Diuretics are also called what sort of pills?
  12. Which medical term was first used in the 1950s and describes when the heart stops pumping due to an electrical malfunction?
  13. What word derived from the Latin meaning "injury" is any damage in the tissue of an organism?
  14. Onychocryptosis is the medical term for what?
  15. If arthralgia is joint pain, what is the medical term for muscle pain?
  16. What term originating from Latin meaning 'under cloak' is a form of specialised care for patients with serious illnesses?
  17. What is the alternative name for a stitch used to join the open parts of a wound?
  18. Caused by fluid in the body's tissues what does edema mean?
  19. What is the better known word for a contusion?
  20. If a disease is idiopathic, what does this mean?
  21. Cerumen is the medical term for what?
  22. What is the medical name for the outer layer of the skin?
  23. What sort of nodes are small glands that destroy and filter germs so they can't spread to other parts of the body?
  24. In genetics, what name is given the complete genetic information of an organism?
  25. Epistaxis is the medical term for a what?
  26. What is a thread-like structure made up of DNA and located inside the nucleus of a cell called?
  27. If an embulism is a blocked artery, what term is used for an artery that breaks?
  28. What word means the likely course or outcome of a medical condition?
  29. What do you do if you suffer from nocturnal enuresis?
  30. Vasovagal syncope is the most common cause of what?


  1. Arthritis
  2. The foot
  3. Pink eye
  4. Metabolism
  5. Isotonic
  6. Biopsy
  7. Lungs
  8. Swallowing
  9. A fever or a abnormally high temperature
  10. A hangover
  11. Water pills
  12. Cardiac arrest
  13. Lesion
  14. Ingrown toenails
  15. Myalgia
  16. Palliative
  17. Suture
  18. Swelling
  19. Bruise
  20. The cause is unknown
  21. Earwax
  22. Epidermis
  23. Lymph nodes
  24. Genome

  25. Nosebleed
  26. Chromosome
  27. Aneurysm
  28. Prognosis
  29. Wetting the bed
  30. Fainting (fainting when your body overreacts to a certain trigger such as the sight of blood)