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Welcome to our Midnight Quiz

15 Questions About Midnight

  1. Midnight is a 2003 children's novel by which English author?
  2. Can you name the only X-rated film to win an Academy Award for best picture?

  3. What was the first number one hit in the UK Singles Chart for the 80's band Dexys Midnight Runners?
  4. Which American State is sometimes known as the "Land of the Midnight Sun"?
  5. Cinderella had to be back at home before the clock strikes midnight before here coach would turn back into what?
  6. In 1957, "Walkin' After Midnight" became which singer's first major hit single?
  7. Where would you find the midnight zone?
  8. Where was the midnight train going in a the 1973 number-one hit single by Gladys Knight & the Pips?
  9. In the 1978 American prison drama film Midnight Express, a young American student was sent to a prison in which country?
  10. In the saying, what do you do with the 'midnight oil' when working late into the night?
  11. Does the midnight sun, a natural phenomenon when the sun remains visible at the local midnight, occur at places north of the Arctic Circle, south of the Antarctic Circle, or both?
  12. 'Nocte' is midnight in which language?
  13. Which celeb, who starred with Paris Hilton on The Simple Life, named her newly born son Sparrow James Midnight in 2009?
  14. In which action comedy film is bounty hunter Jack Walsh (played by Robert De Niro) enlisted to bring accountant Jonathan "The Duke" Mardukas back to Los Angeles?
  15. 'The Midnight Gang' is a children's story of friendship, theatre and magic by which author?


  1. Jacqueline Wilson
  2. Midnight Cowboy(the movie's rating was later changed)
  3. Geno ("Come On Eileen" was their second number one hit)
  4. Alaska

  5. A pumpkin
  6. Patsy Cline
  7. The sea (in deep sea)
  8. Georgia
  9. Turkey
  10. Burn the midnight oil
  11. Both
  12. Latin
  13. Nicole Ritchie
  14. Midnight Run
  15. David Walliams

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