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Modern Britain

British Quiz Questions

  1. Alan Sugar was the chairman of which football club from 1991 to 2001?
  2. English actor, comedian and presenter Robert Simpson adopted what stage name while working at the Edinburgh Festival?
  3. What was designed by the husband-and-wife team of Julia Barfield and David Marks in the late 1990s?
  4. Which charity works for the heritage conservation of important buildings, coastline and countryside in the UK?

  5. In which year did Gordon Brown replace Tony Blair as Prime Minister?
  6. What is the name of the activist who is known for his protests against Brexit wearing a blue top hat on College Green, Westminster?
  7. The Eden Project is a visitor attraction in which English county?
  8. Former bank manager Buster Merryfield was best known for playing which television character?
  9. In which year was the Channel Tunnel linking London to Paris officially opened?
  10. On 3 October 1952, the United Kingdom became the third what?
  11. Which year saw the Battle of Orgreave?
  12. According to 2011 census data what was the main language spoken in England after English?
  13. The 2019 UK general election resulted in the Conservative Party winning by a majority of how many seats?
  14. Which 1998 agreement provided a basis for peace in Northern Ireland?
  15. JK Rowling published her first Harry Potter book in 1997 - what was the title?
  16. In 2010 the outgoing Treasury minister Liam Byrne scribbled a note with exactly what 5-words on it?
  17. On 5 January 2007 who entered the Celebrity Big Brother house with her boyfriend and her mother?
  18. The National Incorporated Association for the Reclamation of Destitute Waif Children renamed itself to what in 1965?
  19. Which station in south west London is reportedly Europe’s busiest station in terms of through daily rail traffic?
  20. Who won two BAFTA Awards for her sitcom role as Patsy Stone?
  21. Which professor of particle physics is also well known to the British public as the presenter of science programmes?
  22. How many runways does Heathrow airport have?
  23. What does the outside of the TARDIS resemble?
  24. A referendum concerning Scottish independence from the United Kingdom was held in the September of which year?
  25. Can you name both the month and year in which the marriage of Charles and Diana took place?
  26. Who was artistic director for the opening ceremony of the 2012 London Summer Olympics?
  27. In October 2021, which company released an advertisement, later banned, showing a boy in a dress vandalising his house?
  28. In March 2018, a former Russian military officer and his daughter were poisoned in which British city?
  29. In 2001, British Foreign Secretary Robin Cook mentioned which food dish in a speech acclaiming the benefits of multiculturalism?
  30. Which London skyscraper is the tallest building in Europe?
  31. Who was re-elected Mayor of Greater Manchester in May 2021?
  32. On 19 February 1985, where was Reg Cox found dying in his flat?
  33. The final rate for what was 37 pence?
  34. The last UK copies of what were posted out on 18 January 2019?
  35. What modern word relating to the Internet gets its name from a Monty Python sketch?
  36. Which British evolutionary biologist first coined the word "meme" in his 1976 book The Selfish Gene?
  37. Which British city is known as the 'City of Arcades' due to its high concentration of indoor shopping arcades?
  38. Ed Sheeran was born in which northern city?
  39. In January 1993, which presenter showed viewers how to build a home-made version of Tracy Island out of household waste?
  40. Corporal punishment was banned in state-funded British secondary schools in which year?
  41. Queen Elizabeth II, the longest reigning monarch in the world, was born in which year?
  42. What common name for a UK pub is actually 'llew coch' in Welsh?
  43. Which couple made an unlikely cameo appearance in a special episode of EastEnders to celebrate the Queen's platinum jubilee?
  44. What is the two word brand name used since 1999 for the United Kingdom Olympic team?
  45. Eight new cities were named for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, which two started with the letter 'D'?
  46. Protestors pulled down the statue of which historical figure in Bristol in June 2020?
  47. In August 2008, who said upon hearing a performance: "biggest wake-up call ever"?
  48. English actress Harley Bird was the voice of which animated character from 2007 to 2020?
  49. On 25 December, 2019, which TV special was the biggest Christmas ratings success in more than a decade?
  50. Street artist Banksy's work grew out of which city's underground scene?
  51. A chart battle between which two bands was dubbed "The Battle of Britpop" in the mid-90s?
  52. Which fictional town is the setting for Coronation Street?
  53. Britain is known for some amusing place names. In which English county is Cockermouth?
  54. Which supermarket chain began business when Malcolm Walker opened his first store in Shropshire in 1970?
  55. What is the name of the 200-yard long hill near Gloucester, where participants race down after a round of Double Gloucester cheese?
  56. In the 1960s, Priti Patel's parents emigrated to the UK from which country?
  57. What is the name of the Welsh nationalist political party?
  58. As of 2022, who is the fastest British woman in recorded history?
  59. Which area of London, located on the Isle of Dogs and developed on the site of the former West India Docks, is a financial centre containing many high-rise buildings?
  60. Whose daughter-in-law is the actress Nicola Peltz?
  61. Which British city was stripped of its Unesco World Heritage status in 2021?


  1. Tottenham Hotspur
  2. Rufus Hound
  3. The London Eye
  4. The National Trust
  5. 2007
  6. Steven Bray
  7. Cornwall
  8. Uncle Albert in the BBC comedy Only Fools and Horses
  9. 1994
  10. Nuclear power
  11. 1984 (18 June 1984 - miners' strike)
  12. Polish
  13. 80 seats
  14. The Good Friday Agreement
  15. Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone
  16. There is no money left
  17. Jade Goodey
  18. Dr. Barnardo's
  19. Clapham Junction
  20. Joana Lumley (BBC sitcom Absolutely Fabulous)
  21. Brian Cox
  22. Two runways
  23. A police telephone box
  24. 2014
  25. July 1981 (29 July 1981)
  26. Danny Boyle
  27. John Lewis
  28. Salisbury
  29. Chicken tikka masala
  30. The Shard
  31. Andy Burnham
  32. First episode of EastEnders
  33. Dog licence (abolished by the Local Government Act 1988)
  34. Yellow Pages (became fully digitized from January 2019)
  35. SPAM
  36. Richard Dawkins
  37. Cardiff
  38. Halifax
  39. Anthea Turner (Blue Peter)
  40. 1987
  41. 1926
  42. Red Lion
  43. Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall
  44. Team GB
  45. Doncaster and Dunfermline
  46. Edward Colston
  47. Amanda Holden (Susan Boyl audition for Britain's Got Talent)
  48. Peppa Pig
  49. Gavin and Stacy
  50. Bristol
  51. Blur and Oasis
  52. Weatherfield
  53. Cumbria

  54. Iceland
  55. Cooper's Hill
  56. Uganda
  57. Plaid Cymru
  58. Dina Asher-Smith
  59. Canary Wharf
  60. David Beckham
  61. Liverpool