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Monday Night Quiz Night

Monday night is known as quiz night on British TV with 'Mastermind', 'Only Connect' and 'University Challenge' all featuring on this night of the week. How much do you know about these three iconic quiz shows?


  1. Which quiz show was created by Bill Wright, who drew inspiration from his experiences of being interrogated by the Gestapo during World War II?
  2. Only Connect is filmed in studios based in which city?
  3. Who was the original presenter of University Challenge?
  4. Do you know the years when these quiz shows first originally aired: (a) Mastermind, (b) University Challenge, and (c) Only Connect?
  5. Which rival to Eric Monkman in the 2017 semi-final of University Challenge, went on to broadcasting with Monkman on a number of media projects?
  6. Fred Housego became a household name after winning Mastermind in 1980. What was his former occupation?

  7. Who was host of Mastermind from 2003 to 2021, for a total of 735 episodes?
  8. Before moving to BBC Two, Only Connect aired on which channel from September 2008 to July 2014?
  9. Which Egghead achieved the highest ever overall Mastermind score of 41 points in 1995?
  10. The title Only Connect is taken from a passage from which 1910 novel?
  11. In 1980, who played a Mastermind contestant named Charlie Smithers, whose specialist subject was "answering the question before last"?
  12. What is round three called in Only Connect?
  13. Who was the original host of Mastermind?
  14. Which catchphrase inspired a 2003 novel and the 2006 film based on it starring James McAvoy?
  15. Clues in early rounds of Only Connect are identified by Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs including two reeds, lion, horned viper and water - which two hieroglyphs are missing?
  16. Mastermind's theme music by British composer Neil Richardson is named "Approaching" what?
  17. Victoria Coren Mitchell was the first woman to win an event on what type of European Tour?
  18. In the episode "Bambi", in which sitcom did Stephen Fry appear in a sketch making fun of University Challenge, pitting "Scumbag College" against "Footlights College"?
  19. Which barrister, lecturer and TV personality won Mastermind in 2004?
  20. In the Jeremy Paxman era of University Challenge, which team scored the highest ever score of 415 points, in a 1997 semi-final against Charing Cross Hospital?
  21. The final episode of the original run of Mastermind was recorded at St Magnus Cathedral in Kirkwall, on which archipelago to the north of mainland Scotland?
  22. Victoria Coren Mitchell's father, Alan Coren, was an English humourist and writer who was team captain on which BBC television panel game show?
  23. Which actress featured for Newnham College, Cambridge, in the 1963 series of University Challenge?
  24. In 2009 Gail Trimble gained tabloid fame for her impressive knowledge but what happened to the Corpus Christi College team she captained?
  25. What is the name of the University Challenge opening theme performed by the Balanescu Quartet?
  26. Which quizzer and well-known face on British television won the 2009 series of Only Connect with his team, the Rugby Boys?


  1. Mastermind
  2. Cardiff
  3. Bamber Gascoigne
  4. (a) 1972 (Mastermind), (b) 1962 (University Challenge), and (c) 2008 (Only Connect)
  5. Bobby Seagull
  6. London taxi driver
  7. John Humphrys
  8. BBC Four
  9. Kevin Ashman
  10. Howards End (E. M. Forster: "Only connect the prose and the passion, and both will be exalted")
  11. Ronnie Corbett
  12. Connecting Wall
  13. Magnus Magnusson
  14. "Your starter for 10"
  15. Twisted flax, and the eye of Horus
  16. Approaching Menace
  17. Poker - European Poker Tour
  18. The Young Ones
  19. Shaun Wallace (one of the "chasers" on the quiz show The Chase)
  20. Open University
  21. Orkney
  22. Call My Bluff
  23. Miriam Margolyes
  24. They were disqualified after winning it (Oxford were stripped of their title after it was revealed that one of their team members had actually graduated before the final was filmed)
  25. College Boy
  26. Mark Labbett ("The Beast" in the ITV quiz The Chase)