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Monkeys Quiz

Questions: test your knowledge of monkeys

  1. Which popular species of monkeys are easily recognizable by their long, dog-like snouts and bright red bottoms?
  2. What is the closest living relative of the Mandrill?
  3. Which New World monkey gets its name from its disproportionately long limbs and tail?
  4. Which monkeys are known as "organ grinder" monkeys and typically feature in film and television, for example, Marcel in the TV show Friends?

  5. Most monkeys are arboreal. What does this mean?
  6. The northernmost monkey in the world, also known as the snow monkey, lives naturally in which country?
  7. Which monkey is known for having a blood group named after it?
  8. A population of Barbary macaques can be found in which part of Europe?
  9. Which monkeys, that live in the rain forests of equatorial Africa, are the largest of all monkeys?
  10. Name the smallest species of monkeys?
  11. Which monkey is famous for its loud voice, often heard upto three miles away through dense rain forest?
  12. Which monkey is also known as the long-nosed monkey?


  1. Baboons
  2. Spider monkey
  3. Drill
  4. Capuchin monkeys
  5. They live in trees
  6. Japan (the Japanese macaque)
  7. Rhesus monkeys
  8. Gibraltar
  9. Mandrills
  10. Pygmy marmosets
  11. Howler monkey
  12. Proboscis monkey