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Monopoly Quiz Questions


  1. Do you know the name of the domestic heater salesman from Philadelphia who is credited with being the inventor of Monopoly?
  2. How many red hotels are there in the standard Monopoly set?
  3. Can you name the four train stations?
  4. How many squares are there on the traditional London Monopoly board?
  5. Which monopoly board street name comes from a ball game played in the 17th century?

  6. The character "In Jail" actually has a name, do you know it?
  7. How many pounds does a player collect upon passing 'Go'?
  8. Which square comes between Piccadilly and Coventry Street?
  9. Which landmark was included on the London Monopoly board because the makers of the game met up at the Lyon’s Corner House there?
  10. How many colour-coded streets are there on the Monopoly board?
  11. On one of the chance cards, what sort of competition might you win to collect £100?
  12. The original monopoly game was based on the streets of which American city?
  13. Mayfair and Park Lane are the most expensive properties, but which square is the third most expensive?
  14. Which street's association with law led to it being grouped with Bow Street and Marlborough Street?
  15. Which corner square lies between Strand and Vine Street?
  16. How much rent do you have to pay if you land on the Mayfair square with no houses or hotels?
  17. On the Super Tax square there is an image of what object?
  18. On one of the community chest cards, you may collect £10 for comming in which place in a beauty competition: first, second or third?
  19. Can you name the two brown property squares?
  20. How much money does the banker give each player at the start of the game?


  1. Charles Darrow
  2. 12 red hotels (and 32 little green houses)
  3. Fenchurch, Liverpool Street, Marylebone, Kings Cross
  4. 40 squares
  5. Pall Mall
  6. Jake or "Jake, the Jailbird" (and the police officer was named Officer Mallory)
  7. £200
  8. Water works
  9. The Angel, Islington
  10. 22 colour-coded streets
  11. A crossword competition (You have won a crossword competition. Collect £100)
  12. Atlantic City
  13. Bond Street
  14. Vine Street
  15. Free Parking
  16. £50
  17. A diamond ring

  18. Second place (You have won second prize in a beauty contest. Collect £10)
  19. Old Kent Road and Whitechapel Road
  20. £1,500