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10 Moon Questions

  1. To the nearest day, how long does it take the Moon to orbit Earth?
  2. In 1969, which number Apollo mission landed the first astronauts on the moon?
  3. Which astronomer made the first telescopic observation of the moon?
  4. True or false. The Moon's gravity is half that of Earth's gravity?

  5. What is the Latin name for the Moon?
  6. The First Men in the Moon is a scientific romance novel by which author?
  7. A total solar eclipse is visible from some place on the Earth’s surface, on average: (a) approximately every year, (b) every 18 months, or (c) every 3 years?
  8. How many people have walked on the Moon?
  9. What moon follows the Harvest Moon?
  10. Which country recently became the first country in history to land an object on the far side of the Moon?


  1. 27 days (it makes a complete orbit of the Earth every 27.3 day)
  2. 11 - Apollo 11
  3. Galileo Galilei
  4. False. It's one sixth of the Earth’s gravity.
  5. Luna
  6. H. G. Wells
  7. Every 18 months
  8. 12

  9. The hunter's moon
  10. China

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