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Most Shocking TV Moments

Quiz About Shocking Television Moments

  1. The BBC received 55,000 complaints over which show when it was turned into a musical and broadcast in 2005?
  2. In which year did American political analyst professor Robert E. Kelly rise to fame when his live interview on BBC World News was gatecrashed by his kids and wife?
  3. Which Liverpool pop group are best remembered for scoring "nul points" with their performance of "Cry Baby" at the 2003 Eurovision Song Contest?
  4. Which comedian called Prince Charles a "little grovelling b..." when receiving the Lifetime Achievement Award at the British Comedy Awards in 1994?
  5. Who did Will Smith slap in the face at the 2022 Oscars?

  6. On Good Morning Britain what did Piers Morgan brand "disgusting" and spit into a bin in 2019?
  7. Who interupted Taylor Swift's acceptance speech at the 2019 MTV Video Music Awards?
  8. On November 24, 1963, who was shot on live TV?
  9. Who invaded the stage at the Brit Awards in 1996, which was a protest against Michael Jackson's performance?
  10. Who resigned from ITV on 21 April 2004, after a racial remark was broadcast live on air?
  11. On 15 April 1984, who collapsed from a heart attack in front of millions of TV viewers?
  12. Who was involved in an infamous police chase live on American TV screens on June 17, 1994?
  13. Which judge did Sharon Osbourne throw a glass of water over?
  14. As millions watched EastEnders' big 30th anniversary live episode in 2015 which character came back from the dead?
  15. Susan Boyle became an instant star with her performance of which song on Britain's Got Talent in 2009?
  16. Piers Morgan's Good Morning Britain departure followed an on-air clash with which weather presenter?
  17. Whose Big Brother cat antics have been voted the cringiest reality TV moment of all time?
  18. In August 2018, which two women clashed in a highly charged episode of Loose Women billed to be a reconciliation?
  19. Which British journalist interviewed Diana, Princess of Wales, for the BBC's Panorama programme in 1995?
  20. Who slapped Russell Harty live on air?
  21. Over 25,000 complaints were made to Ofcom after actress Roxanne Pallett falsely claimed that which fellow Celebrity Big Brother contestant had assaulted her?
  22. On 12 December 1993, whose career suffered after making an inappropriate remark about former Chancellor, Norman Lamont?
  23. Whose 2011 appearance on The One Show is one of the most complained about moments on TV ever when he said striking public sector workers should be “executed in front of their families"?
  24. In a 2019 live TV moment who said: "I’ve never seen so many white people in one place"?
  25. During her stay on Celebrity Big Brother 5, which Indian actress was the target of bullying by some other housemates?
  26. In 2017 which film got mixed-up with "La La Land"?
  27. On December 14, 2008, who did Iraqi journalist Muntadhar al-Zaidi throw both of his shoes at?
  28. What did British composer and violinist Natalie Holt throw in the 2013 final of Britain's Got Talent?
  29. Who was known as the Twickenham Streaker after running across the rugby pitch on 2 January 1982?
  30. In February 1996, which singer knocked a female reporter to the ground and banged her head against the floor at Bangkok International Airport?
  31. Who said at a press conference: 'When seagulls follow the trawler, it is because they think sardines will be thrown into the sea.'?

TV Answers

  1. Jerry Springer show
  2. 2017 (March)
  3. Jemini
  4. Spike Milligan
  5. Chris Rock
  6. Greggs Vegan Sausage Roll
  7. Kanye West
  8. Lee Harvey Oswald (was shot by Jack Ruby)
  9. Jarvis Cocker
  10. Ron Atkinson (football commentator)
  11. Tommy Cooper
  12. O.J. Simpson
  13. Louis Walsh
  14. Kathy Beale
  15. I Dreamed a Dream
  16. Alex Beresford
  17. George Galloway
  18. Coleen Nolan and Kim Woodburn
  19. Martin Bashir
  20. Grace Jones
  21. Ryan Thomas
  22. Julian Clary
  23. Jeremy Clarkson
  24. Jon Snow (commenting about a Brexit rally)
  25. Shilpa Shetty
  26. Moonlight ("La La Land" was mistakenly awarded the best picture Oscar)
  27. President George W. Bush
  28. Eggs (at Simon Cowell)
  29. Erika Roe
  30. Bjork
  31. Eric Cantonna (1995)