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Most Successful Football Clubs

Quiz About 20 of the Most Successful Clubs in World Football

  1. FIFA Club of the Century was an award presented by FIFA to which club in 2000?
  2. Which European club has the biggest football stadium in the world?
  3. Who was the first Liverpool captain to lift the European Cup?
  4. What is the collective name for the Scottish football clubs Rangers and Celtic?
  5. Renowned for its domestic success, Al Ahly is a professional sports club based in which city?

  6. Which former Latin Cup winner won their only two European Cups in 1961 and 1962?
  7. Which Athens based club is the most successful team in Greece and one of the big three Greek clubs along with AEK and Panathinaikos?
  8. Who did Celtic beat in the 1967 European Cup final?
  9. Who has made most appearances for Real Madrid?
  10. Which European club is nicknamed 'the old lady'?
  11. Penarol has won the Primera Division a record number of times in which country?
  12. As of 2023, which club has won the Eredivisie title 36 times?
  13. Which club, the second most decorated team in Portuguese football, are nicknamed the Dragons?
  14. Which player, a three times European Cup winner, holds the record for most games for Bayern Munich?
  15. Which city hosted the Champions League in 2008, when Manchester United beat Chelsea on penalties?
  16. Boca Juniors are based in La Boca, a neighbourhood of which city?
  17. Which European club have played their matches in Astrid Park since 1917?
  18. Which club's flag did Graeme Souness plant in the centre circle in 1996?
  19. FCSB is a professional football club based in which city?
  20. AC Milan's famous striped jerseys are in which two colours?


  1. Real Madrid
  2. Barcelona (Camp Nou)
  3. Emlyn Hughes
  4. The Old Firm
  5. Cairo, Egypt.
  6. Benfica
  7. Olympiacos
  8. Inter Milan (Celtic 2 Inter Milan 1)
  9. Raul
  10. Juventus
  11. Uruguay
  12. Ajax
  13. FC Porto
  14. Sepp Maier
  15. Moscow (the Luzhniki Stadium)
  16. Buenos Aires
  17. Anderlecht
  18. The Galatasaray flag (in the middle of the Fenerbache pitch)
  19. Bucharest
  20. Red and black (the club is nicknamed the Rossoneri ("Red and Blacks"))