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Welcome to our Mothers Day Quiz

25 Questions and Answers about Mothers


  1. Which actress stars in the role of 'mother' in the 2017 American psychological horror film Mother!?
  2. In the famous proverb, what is 'the mother of invention'?
  3. Who is the famous actress mother of Gwyneth Paltrow?
  4. What was the given first name of the mother of British Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill?
  5. We need two cities; in which city was Mother Theresa born, and in which city did she die, in 1997?
  6. 'Mama Weer All Crazee Now' gave which rock band its third number one UK single?
  7. What is the Latin word for mother?
  8. Which American born author, but a resident of Britain for most of his adult life, wrote the book The Mother Tongue?

  9. The painting 'Arrangement in Grey and Black No.1', is best known by what name?
  10. In British pantomime, what is Aladdin's mother called?
  11. 'Mother's ruin' is a common British name for which alcoholic drink?
  12. 'Marmee' is mother and head of the household in which classic novel?
  13. What was the first name of the mother, played by Michael Learned, in The Waltons?
  14. By what other name is 'mother of pearl' known?
  15. By what name do we know the Irish washerwoman character devised by Arthur Lucan in the 1930s?
  16. Name the mother of Queen Elizabeth I?
  17. Which popular Mother's Day flower do Christians believe were made from the tears of Mary when she wept for Jesus on the cross?
  18. John Lennon's mother tragically died in a car accident when he was 17, which song bearing her name did he write in her memory?
  19. Which actress played the mother in the 1970 British drama film The Railway Children?
  20. Which famous singer has children named Nesta Rock, Kingston James McGregor, and Apollo Bowie Flyn?
  21. In Greek and Roman mythology, who was the mother of the twin brothers Castor and Pollux?
  22. Which fictional character's mother was Monique Delacroix, from the canton of Vaud, in Switzerland?
  23. In the Terminator films, what is the name of John Connor's mother?
  24. Which artist created the work Mother and Child Divided?
  25. Which American state is nicknamed 'Mother of Presidents' because eight U.S. presidents were born there, including four of the first five presidents?


  1. Jennifer Lawrence
  2. Necessity
  3. Blythe Danner
  4. She was born in Skopje (now capital of Macedonia), and died in Calcutta (renamed Kolkata)
  5. Jennie (Jennie Spencer-Churchill also known as Lady Randolph Churchill)
  6. Slade
  7. Mater
  8. Bill Bryson
  9. Whistler's Mother
  10. Widow Twankey
  11. Gin
  12. Little Women
  13. Olivia
  14. Nacre
  15. Old Mother Riley
  16. Anne Boleyn
  17. Carnations
  18. Julia
  19. Dinah Sheridan
  20. Gwen Stefani
  21. Leda
  22. James Bond's
  23. Sarah
  24. Damien Hirst
  25. Virginia