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UK Motorway Quiz


  1. The M5 is a motorway linking the Midlands with which city in the South West?
  2. The M60 is a ring road around which city?
  3. Britain's first motorway opened in 1958; it was a by-pass road for which city?
  4. Which motorway is the most northern motorway in the UK? It links the Queensferry Crossing to Perth.
  5. Name the longest motorway in the UK?
  6. The first motorway service area in the UK was at what 'gap' on the M1? It opened on 2 November 1959.
  7. For it's first thirty years, the Severn Bridge carried which motorway?

  8. How is the Gravelly Hill Interchange on junction 6 of the M6 motorway better known?
  9. The M69 is a 15.7-mile motorway that runs between junction 21 of the M1 near Leicester and junction 2 of the M6 near which other city?
  10. The M20 is a motorway in which English county?
  11. Which city is connected to Hull by the M62?
  12. What national speed limit was imposed on motorways in 1965, after British Rail's new express service began running beside the M1 and some drivers tried to keep up?
  13. On which motorway is the only major toll road in Great Britain?
  14. Which motorway is the main motorway from London to the south coast, linking Sunbury-on-Thames to Southampton?
  15. The busiest bit of motorway in the UK is thought to be between junctions 13 and 14 of which motorway?
  16. The M49 is a short link motorway from the M5 to the M4, west of which city?
  17. Which motorway connects Glasgow and Edinburgh?
  18. The M1 links London to which northern city?
  19. Which motorway is the highest motorway in the UK, the uppermost point being in the middle of Saddleworth Moor in the Peak District?
  20. The vast majority of motorway services in the UK are owned by one of three companies, Welcome Break and Roadchef are two, can you name the third?
  21. In 1998, William Allen, 84, spent two days on which motorway trying to find the right turn-off for his daughter's house?
  22. What is the name given to a motorway in Italy?
  23. Which number motorway, connecting Erskine Bridge to the M8, is Britain's highest-numbered motorway: (a)M298, (b)M498, or (c)M898?
  24. It was formerly known as managed motorway and active traffic management but by what name do we now know a section of motorway in England that employs active traffic management techniques to increase capacity through the use of MIDAS technology?
  25. Which motorway links London, Oxford and Birmingham, a distance of approximately 89 miles?
  26. True or false, there is a minimum speed law on UK motorways?
  27. Which 1940s invention by American Charles Scanlon was first used in the UK in 1958 when the M6 motorway opened?
  28. The M11 is a 55 miles long motorway in South East England that goes from London to which city?
  29. The M57 is also called the Outer Ring Road of which city?
  30. Which motorway is nicknamed the 'gateway to the North'?


  1. Exeter
  2. Manchester
  3. Preston
  4. M90 (most northern)
  5. M6 (longest)
  6. Watford Gap
  7. M4 (on completion of the Second Severn Crossing this section of motorway was redesignated the M48)
  8. Spaghetti Junction
  9. Coventry
  10. Kent
  11. Liverpool (is linked to Hull)
  12. 70 MPH
  13. M6 (toll)
  14. M3
  15. M25
  16. Bristol (M49)
  17. M8 (Glasgow to Edinburgh)
  18. Leeds
  19. M62 (highest)
  20. Moto
  21. M25
  22. Autostrada (plural, autostrade)
  23. M898
  24. Smart motorway
  25. M40

  26. False, there is none
  27. Traffic cones
  28. Cambridge
  29. Liverpool
  30. M1