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Movember (a portmanteau of moustache, "mo", and "November") is an event each November involving the growing of moustaches to raise awareness of men's health issues.

Test your knowledge of Movember

  1. The idea of growing moustaches for charity throughout the month of November (which first coined the term "Movember") originated in which country in 1999?
  2. What name is given to the award for the best Movember video celebrating creativity with a camera?
  3. In 2013, the National Trust authorised a temporary placement of a large grass moustache on the UK's largest chalk hill figure in Dorset. Can you name this chalk giant?

  4. Which surrealist artist was known for his unusual waxed moustache?
  5. Movember involves raising awareness of men's cancer. Which cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in men in the UK?
  6. Which king is the only one without a moustache in a pack of cards?
  7. Which airline supported Movember in 2011 by painting a moustache on one of its airplanes?
  8. A moustache characterized by whiskers that are bushy, thick, and droop over the mouth is named after which animal?
  9. Which star of the 1950 film A Chump at Oxford was known for his toothbrush moustache?
  10. Which fear is a fear of beards: (a) Pogonophobia, (b) Tokophobia, or (c) Mycophobia?


  1. Australia
  2. Moscars
  3. Cerne Abbas Giant
  4. Salvador Dali
  5. Prostate cancer
  6. King of Hearts
  7. Qantas
  8. Walrus (the walrus moustache)
  9. Oliver Hardy
  10. (a) Pogonophobia