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The Muses Quiz

Greek Mythology Quiz: the Muses were the goddesses of literature, science, and the arts

  1. In Greek mythology, how many Muses presided over the arts and sciences?
  2. The Muses were the daughters of which king of the gods?
  3. Which goddess was the mother of the Muses?

  4. Who is the Muse of comedy and poetry?
  5. Urania is the youngest of the Muses, and is the Muse of what?
  6. The Muses were romantic companions to which god of the arts?
  7. In Greek mythology, Clio is the Muse of what?
  8. What place, often visited by art and science lovers, derives its name from a place or temple dedicated to the Muses?
  9. Which Muse is specifically associated with love poetry?
  10. Terpsichore is associated with which stringed musical instrument which has a significant presence in Greek mythology?


  1. Nine Muses
  2. Zeus
  3. Mnemosyne (the goddess of memory)
  4. Thalia
  5. Astronomy and astrology
  6. Apollo
  7. History
  8. Museum
  9. Erato
  10. Lyre