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Museum Ship Quiz

Quiz Questions

  1. Which historic sailing ship, the fastest of its time, is now a famous visitor attraction in Greenwich, London?
  2. Which British ocean liner is moored off Long Beach, Los Angeles as a hotel and tourist attraction?
  3. Which Royal Navy World War II cruiser is now a museum ship, permanently moored on the River Thames?
  4. Britain's oldest warship afloat, HMS Trincomalee, is in the quay of The National Museum of the Royal Navy in which northern seaside town?

  5. In which Scottish city is Discovery Point, a visitor attraction featuring Captain Scott of the Antarctic's ship RRS Discovery?
  6. Which ship and visitor attraction at Portsmouth, with 246 years of service as of 2024, is the world's oldest naval vessel still in commission?
  7. Once the largest passenger ship in the world, SS Great Britain is a visitor attraction and museum ship in which British city's harbour?
  8. A maritime museum located at Historic Dockyards in Portsmouth is dedicated to which 16th-century Tudor navy warship?
  9. Which city would you visit to see the world-leading visitor attraction telling the story of RMS Titanic?
  10. The USS Midway Museum is a historical naval aircraft carrier museum located at Navy Pier in which Southern California city?
  11. The Royal Yacht Britannia is now a visitor attraction in which British city?


  1. Cutty Sark
  2. RMS Queen Mary
  3. HMS Belfast
  4. Hartlepool
  5. Dundee
  6. HMS Victory
  7. Bristol's
  8. Mary Rose
  9. Belfast
  10. San Diego
  11. Edinburgh