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Music Quiz Questions

Quiz I

  1. Which singer played himself in Tim Burton's 1996 film Mars Attacks!?
  2. Which English band, formed in 1974 in South London, had a 1982 Top 5 hit single with "Ghosts"?
  3. Who has a Heinz Ketchup tattoo on their arm and always carries a bottle or two of it on tour?
  4. Millie Small was a Jamaican singer and songwriter, best known for which 1964 recording?
  5. Who was the first female artist to achieve a UK number one with a self-written song?
  6. Which singer rose to prominence for her role as Cat Valentine in the Nickelodeon television series Victorious?
  7. Which 1977 hit single by the Spanish vocal duo Baccara is the best-selling single of all-time by a female group?
  8. What is David Bowie's real surname?
  9. Songwriter Noel Gallagher rhymes "Elsa" with "Alka Seltzer" in which song?
  10. Which pop group were named after the inventor of the seed drill?
  11. Which 1967 song written by Cat Stevens, became a hit for Rod Stewart in 1977 and Sheryl Crow in 2003?
  12. Dusty Springfield teamed up with which group in 1987 for the single "What Have I Done to Deserve This?"?
  13. Which British pop duo from Bristol, featuring Roger Greenaway and Roger Cook, had two top 20 hits in 1966?
  14. The Irving Berlin song, "There's No Business Like Show Business", was written for which 1946 musical?
  15. Which single letter represented the title of the second studio album by Ed Sheeran?


  1. Tom Jones
  2. Japan
  3. Ed Sheeran
  4. My Boy Lollipop
  5. Kate Bush (Wuthering Heights in 1978)
  6. Ariana Grande
  7. Yes Sir, I Can Boogie
  8. Jones (his real name is David Robert Jones)
  9. Supersonic
  10. Jethro Tull
  11. The First Cut is the Deepest
  12. The Pet Shop Boys
  13. David and Jonathan
  14. Annie Get Your Gun
  15. x (pronounced "multiply")

Quiz II

  1. Who released the pop song "Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen" in 1961?
  2. In 2006, The Dutchess was the debut studio album by which American singer?
  3. Which style of Western art music composed from approximately 1600 to 1750, gets its name from the Portuguese word meaning "misshapen pearl"?
  4. Who had a hit with the song "Ain't No Pleasing You" from their album Mustn't Grumble?
  5. Which debut studio album by American musician Patti Smith since been viewed by critics as one of the greatest and most influential albums in the history of the American punk rock movement, a
  6. Who was once described by American President George W Bush as "the most dangerous threat to American children since polio"?
  7. In Rolling Stone magazineā€²s list of the 500 Greatest Songs of All Time, which is the only song on the list sung in a language other than English?
  8. Who came into the public eye in 2004 with the performance of her song "Black Horse and the Cherry Tree" on Later... with Jools Holland?
  9. "You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)" is a song by which British band?
  10. Which American rock band is known for hits such as "Rosanna", and "Africa"?
  11. Zildjian is the world's largest producer of which musical instruments?
  12. In March 2004, Brian McFadden left which group?
  13. Which German band was formed in Dusseldorf in 1970 by Ralf Hutter and Florian Schneider?
  14. Pauline Matthews, born in Bradford in 1947, is better known by which stage name?
  15. Which singer opened her own clothing store named "Lucy in Disguise" in 2010?


  1. Neil Sedaka
  2. Fergie
  3. Baroque
  4. Chas & Dave
  5. Horses
  6. Eminem
  7. La Bamba
  8. KT Tunstall
  9. Dead or Alive
  10. Toto
  11. Cymbals
  12. Westlife
  13. Kraftwerk
  14. Kiki Dee
  15. Lily Allen