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National Drinks


  1. What's the national drink of Greece?
  2. Which country's government approved a proposal in 2018 to celebrate the third Saturday of March as National Tequila Day?
  3. Which country's national coctail is caipirinha? A cocktail made of fermented sugarcane juice, lime, and sugar.
  4. What is Jamaica's national drink?

  5. In which country, until the 1960s, could children eating lunch at school choose from tea, coffee, or a very low in alcohol beer?
  6. Which flavoured soft drink has been referred to as Scotland's other national drink?
  7. Which traditional Spanish drink consists of red wine and chopped fruit?
  8. Which alcoholic beverage is also referred to as Japanese rice wine?
  9. Which country is the only sovereign state to consume more Guinness than Ireland?
  10. Which country is the leading producer of vodka in the European Union?
  11. Which pale lager is the largest selling beer in the Philippines?
  12. Also known as Lion's Milk, which alcoholic drink made of distilled grapes is the national drink of Turkey?
  13. The lager Pilsner takes its name from a city in which large and historical region of the Czech Republic?
  14. Fanta originated in which country as a Coca-Cola alternative in 1940?
  15. Champagne is a sparkling wine originated and produced in which wine region of France?
  16. The lightly carbonated soft drink derived from milk called Rivella, is seen as which European country's national beverage?
  17. Scotch whisky is by law required to be aged in oak barrels for at least how many years?
  18. The Japanese tea ceremony uses a powdered form of which tea: black, green, oolong, white, or yellow?
  19. What is the national drink of Argentina? (Hint: It sounds like a friend)
  20. A Caesar cocktail, widely drunk in all parts of Canada, is similar to which popular cocktail?


  1. Ouzo
  2. Mexico's
  3. Brazil
  4. Rum
  5. Belgium
  6. Irn-Bru
  7. Sangria
  8. Sake
  9. The UK
  10. Poland
  11. San Miguel Beer
  12. Raki
  13. Bohemia (the city is Plzen)
  14. Germany
  15. Champagne (sic)
  16. Switzerland's
  17. Three years
  18. Green tea
  19. Mate
  20. A Bloody Mary