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Quiz Questions About NATO

  1. What does the acronym NATO stand for?
  2. Which two non-European countries are members of NATO?
  3. The NATO headquarters are located in which European city?
  4. Which country became a member of NATO in March 2020?
  5. NATO members now agree that their aim is to reach what percentage of their GDP on defence spending?

  6. Which organization dominated by the Soviet Union was established to oppose NATO?
  7. Which newly democratic country joined the alliance in 1982?
  8. Which event caused NATO to invoke its collective defence article for the first time?
  9. Which number 'Article' of the treaty commits each member state to consider an armed attack against one member state, as an armed attack against them all?
  10. Which country withdrew from NATO in 1966 but returned in 2009?
  11. Which British Labour Party politician served as Secretary General of NATO from 1999 to 2004?
  12. The flag of NATO consists of a dark blue field which symbolizes what exactly?
  13. The first flag used by NATO was unveiled in 1951 by which general, who helped design it?
  14. The incorporation of which country into the organization in May 1955 was described as "a decisive turning point in the history of our continent"?
  15. Which 1974 event caused Greece to withdraw its forces from NATO's military command structure for several years?
  16. The Falklands War did not result in NATO involvement because Article 6 of the treaty specifies that collective self-defense is applicable only to attacks on member state territories north of which line?
  17. An annual exercise by NATO military forces in Europe was called 'Able' what?
  18. Animus in consulendo liber is the official motto - what does this tranlsate to in English?
  19. In 2022 Russian foreign ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova warned which two EU nations against attempting to join NATO?


  1. North Atlantic Treaty Organization
  2. USA and Canada
  3. Brussels (Belgium)
  4. North Macedonia
  5. 2 percent
  6. The Warsaw Pact
  7. Spain
  8. The September 11 attacks
  9. Article 5
  10. France
  11. George Robertson
  12. The Atlantic Ocean
  13. General Dwight Eisenhower
  14. West Germany
  15. Invasion of Cyprus by Turkey
  16. Tropic of Cancer
  17. Archer (Able Archer)
  18. A mind unfettered in deliberation
  19. Sweden and Finland

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