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Nature Trivia

Questions on Nature

  1. What type of flower is the Lady Slipper?
  2. What word from the Latin for 'feather' means the layer of feathers that covers a bird?
  3. What is an otter's den called?
  4. What by far are the deadliest creatures in the world when it comes to annual human deaths?
  5. Which species of toad doesn't hop or jump and is known as the 'running toad'?
  6. What type of thistle is used as the national emblem of Scotland?

  7. What is the UK's smallest species of duck?
  8. What species of tree is the Tolpuddle Martyrs' Tree in the village of Tolpuddle?
  9. Which estuary bird is the emblem of the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds?
  10. In Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, the Queen of Hearts uses which two types of animals to play croquet?
  11. What species of tree is sometimes called golden chain or golden rain?
  12. Which charity was founded in Devon, in 1972 by retired farmer Kenneth Watkins?
  13. With their striking appearance, which birds are also referred to as "clowns of the sea" and "sea parrots"?
  14. Name the only mammal to have horns from birth?
  15. The flowering plant Amorphophallus titanum is also known by what name for its unpleasant odour?
  16. Spelt with a silent 'p', which medium-sized game bird gets its name from the Scottish Gaelic word meaning 'croaker'?
  17. What animal sleeps for up to 22 hours each day?
  18. Viola tricolor is a wild flower also known by what other name?
  19. Lemurs are only native to which country?
  20. Delphinus means what in Latin?
  21. What is the sea wasp getter known as?
  22. Which vegetable is sometimes known as borecole from the Dutch for peasants cabbage?
  23. A group of jellyfish is called a what?
  24. The largest known butterfly is the Queen Alexandra's birdwing which is only found in which country?
  25. Which single-word term is used for ground that continuously remains below zero degrees Celsius for two or more years?
  26. What is the branch of zoology dedicated to the study of birds?
  27. What is the name of the tube that butterflies use to extract nectar from flowers?
  28. Banff National Park is in which country?
  29. The world's largest nut is called the "Coco de Mer" which translates to English as what two-word name?
  30. The Belize Barrier Reef is a section of which 560 miles barrier reef system?


  1. Orchid
  2. Plumage
  3. A holt, or couch
  4. Mosquitos
  5. Natterjack toads
  6. Spear thistle
  7. Teal duck
  8. Sycamore
  9. Avocet (the pied avocet)
  10. Hedgehogs and flamingos
  11. Laburnum
  12. The Woodland Trust
  13. Puffins
  14. Giraffes
  15. Corpse flower
  16. Ptarmigan
  17. Koala
  18. Wild Pansy
  19. Madagascar
  20. Dolphin
  21. Box jellyfish
  22. Kale
  23. Smuck, or smack
  24. Papua New Guinea
  25. Permafrost
  26. Ornithology
  27. Proboscis
  28. Canada
  29. Sea coconut
  30. Mesoamerican Barrier Reef System