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Nautical Terms


  1. What sort of traditional folk song was commonly sung by sailors in rhythm with their work?
  2. What term is used for the system of ropes, cables and chains that hold a ship's sails up?
  3. What common name is given to a structure in the upper part of the main mast used as a lookout point?
  4. What can be a suitable place for a ship to anchor and also a large city in Alaska?
  5. What term is used for the right side of a vessel facing forward?

  6. What exactly is the orlop on a ship?
  7. An anemometer is an instrument used to measure what?
  8. What navigational instrument is used to measure a ship's latitude?
  9. What nautical term from Dutch for "hold on" means to stop, or cease from whatever is being done?
  10. What is the term for a ship's officer responsible for maintenance of the ship and its equipment?
  11. What word is used to describe heavy material positioned low in the hull to provide stability?
  12. A personal flotation device used in World War II was named after which 1930s actress?
  13. In nautical contexts, what word beginning with 'C' is a device for securing a rope?
  14. What is the name given to a series of boat races and also a brand of outdoor clothing?
  15. This is a type of sail that balloons outward and also the name of a south coast tower?
  16. What does the letter 'R' stand for in SONAR?
  17. What term in ropework means the forming of a semi-permanent joint between two ropes by untwisting and then interweaving their strands?
  18. What 'B' is the stand on which the ship's compass is mounted?
  19. What 'H' is a sort of knot used to attach a rope to a fixed object?
  20. What terms describes a ship when its crew deliberately sinks it?
  21. What 'G' is a plastic or metal ring inserted in canvas to prevent wear?
  22. What is a growler?
  23. What is defined as debris in the water that was not deliberately thrown overboard, often as a result from a shipwreck?
  24. A fathom is a unit of length equal to how many feet?
  25. What name is given to the lengthwise structure along the base of a ship, supporting the framework of the whole?
  26. What name is given to a line used to control and adjust a sail?
  27. What name is given to an area near the equator where very little surface wind is present?
  28. Which English city is associated with a phrase meaning in seamanlike and good order with reference to the condition of a ship?
  29. What's the well known name for a vessel with two hulls?
  30. What is the name of the machine used on ships to raise and lower a ship's anchor?


  1. Shanty, or sea shanty
  2. Rigging
  3. A crow's nest
  4. Anchorage
  5. Starboard
  6. The lowest deck in a ship
  7. Wind speed
  8. Sextant
  9. Avast
  10. Boatswain
  11. Ballast
  12. Mae West
  13. Cleat
  14. Regatta
  15. Spinnaker (also Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth)
  16. Ranging (SONAR is an acronym for "Sound Navigation And Ranging")
  17. Splicing
  18. Binnacle
  19. Hitch knot
  20. Scuttled
  21. Grommet
  22. A small iceberg
  23. Flotsam
  24. 6 feet
  25. Keel
  26. Halyard
  27. Doldrums
  28. Bristol (Bristol fashion has its origin when Bristol was the major west coast port)
  29. Catamaran
  30. Windlass