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Nelson's Column


  1. Nelson's Column was built to commemorate Vice-Admiral Horatio Nelson's decisive victory in which battle? And in which year was this battle?
  2. The column is an ornate and slender example of which Greek order?
  3. The actual column is built from which material?

  4. The statue of Nelson on the top of the column was carved from which material? And who was the sculptor?
  5. Which television presenter famously scaled the column in 1977?
  6. Who designed the four bronze lions around its base?
  7. How tall in metres is the whole monument,from the bottom of the pedestal to the top of Nelson's hat: (a) 51.59 metres, (b) 81.59 metres, or (c) 111.59 metres?
  8. The monument was completed in which decade?
  9. The first civic monument to be erected in Horatio Nelson's honour was the Nelson Monument. This is 44-metre high obelisk in which british city?
  10. The pedestal is decorated with four bronze relief panels depicting famous battles. These are the Battle of Cape St. Vincent, the Battle of the Nile, the death of Nelson at Trafalgar, and which other famous battle?


  1. The Battle of Trafalgar; 1805
  2. Corinthian
  3. Granite (Dartmoor granite)
  4. Sandstone (Craigleith sandstone). The sculptor was Edward Hodges Baily.
  5. John Noakes (for the programme Blue Peter)
  6. Sir Edwin Landseer
  7. 51.59 metres
  8. 1840s (completion date: 1843)
  9. Glasgow (in 1806)
  10. Battle of Copenhagen