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Netball Quiz I

  1. How many players are there in a netball team?
  2. How long can you hold the ball for in netball?

  3. The England team coach appointed in 2015 comes from a famous sporting family, give the surname?
  4. In which English city was the 2019 Netball World Cup held?
  5. How long is a game of netball?
  6. Which player position restarts the game each time a goal has been scored?
  7. What name are the New Zealand national netball team commonly known as?
  8. Which position's main duty is to feed the Goal Shooter?
  9. How many players in each team are allowed to score goals?
  10. Which country are known as The Diamonds?
  11. True or False. Netball has never been played at the Summer Olympics?
  12. Which country won the World Cup in 2007, 2011 and 2015?
  13. Which court is bigger? A netball court or basketball court?
  14. In feet, how high are the goal posts from the top of the ring to the ground?
  15. Name the seven player position in netball?
  16. Is a game of netball presided over by an arbiter, referee, technical official or umpire?
  17. A netball court is divided into how many sections?


  1. Seven
  2. 3 seconds
  3. Neville (Tracy Neville is actually the twin sister of Phil Neville)
  4. Liverpool
  5. 60 minutes (split into four quarters, each 15 minutes long)
  6. Centre
  7. Silver Ferns
  8. Goal Attack
  9. Two (goal shooter and goal attack)

  10. Australia
  11. True
  12. Australia
  13. Netball court is bigger
  14. 10 feet
  15. Goal shooter, Goal Attack, Wing Attack, Centre, Wing Defence, Goal Defence, Goal Keeper
  16. Umpire
  17. Three (sections are the two goal thirds and the centre or middle-third)

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