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Welcome to our 'New' Quiz

25 Questions and Answers About the Word 'New'


  1. Which Cornish resort is widely regarded as the surf capital of the UK?
  2. The New Model Army fought in which war?
  3. Apart from man and not including marine animals, what is New Zealand's only native mammals?
  4. Which American state is nicknamed the Garden State?
  5. Which famous driver came second in the 1979 '24 Hours of Le Mans' sports car race?
  6. What country was once named New France?
  7. What's the first book of the New Testament?
  8. The name of which dance developed in the late 1950s in Rio de Janeiro means "new trend" or "new wave" in Portuguese?

  9. On January 14th 1878, what new invention was demonstrated to Queen Victoria?
  10. Whose Dynamic Tension methods were advertised with "Let Me Prove in 7 Days That I Can Make You a New Man!"?
  11. Which British pop group were formed in London in 1969 by Keith Potger?
  12. New England is a region comprising of 6 American states, can you name all six?
  13. New Amsterdam was a 17th-century Dutch settlement established at the southern tip of which island?
  14. Which political and cultural magazine was founded on 12 April 1913, and had connections with the socialist Fabian Society?
  15. Who wrote the science fiction novel Brave New World?
  16. Starting from February 12th, Chinese New Year 2021 is the year of which animal?
  17. Which ship, with a name meaning 'new land' in Latin, is best known for carrying the 1910 British Antarctic Expedition?
  18. What name was given to a series of programs, public work projects, and reforms enacted by President Franklin D. Roosevelt between 1933 and 1939?
  19. In which city would tourists visit the Lotus Temple?
  20. The New Forest is located mostly in which English county?
  21. Which British fashion retailer with a chain of high street shops was founded in 1969 by Tom Singh?
  22. How many American state names begin with the word New?
  23. Which common term means people who have recently acquired wealth?
  24. Which British secret agent TV series produced between 1976 and 1977 was a sequel to a 1960s series created by Sydney Newman?
  25. Which group had "a brand new combine harvester"?


  1. Newquay
  2. English Civil War (formed in 1645 by the Parliamentarians)
  3. Bats
  4. New Jersey
  5. (Actor) Paul Newman
  6. Canada
  7. Matthew
  8. Bossa Nova
  9. The telephone (it was demonstrated by Alexander Graham Bell)
  10. Charles Atlas
  11. The New Seekers
  12. Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont
  13. Manhattan Island
  14. New Statesman
  15. Aldous Huxley
  16. Ox
  17. Terra Nova
  18. The New Deal
  19. New Delhi (India)
  20. Hampshire

  21. New Look
  22. Four (New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, and New York)
  23. Nouveau riche (nouveau means new in French)
  24. The New Avengers
  25. The Wurzels (in the lyrics of the song Combine Harvester)