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New Year Tie Breakers

What are New Year tie-breakers?

Use our New Year tiebreakers to settle your holiday quizzes that end with the same score. All the questions have a 2021 theme.

New Year Tiebreakers

  1. In March 2021, how many days was the Suez Canal blocked for after the grounding of a container ship?
  2. Bill and Melinda Gates got divorced - how many years were they married for?
  3. Debenhams shut their doors for the final time after how many year since they first started trading?
  4. Barbados became the world's newest republic. In miles, how long is the island of Barbados?
  5. Sue Barker was the host of 'A Question of Sport' for how many years?

  1. In September, the Jersey Government announced to French outrage that how many licence applications had been rejected out of the 170 received?
  2. How many silver medals did Great Britain win at the Olymic Games held in 2021?
  3. In perecentage, what was the turnout in the Old Bexley and Sidcup by-election on 2 December 2021?
  4. How many goals did England score in the UEFA European Championships? (Note: this does not include extra-time penalty shoot-outs)
  5. How many millions did Captain Sir Tom Moore raise for the NHS?
  6. A Ford Escort once owned by Princess Diana sold at auction to a museum in Chile for how many thousands?
  7. Germany's Angela Merkel served as Chancellor in a caretaker capacity until December 2021 - how old was she on stepping down?
  8. On 9 August 2021, Tower Bridge remained open after a technical failure for approximately how many hours?
  9. The contactless payment limit increased to £100 in 2021, in 2010 contactless became ever more popular and the limit was increased to what amount in that year?
  10. ABBA was in the news in 2021 with the release of their new album. How many number ones have ABBA had in the UK?


  1. Six days
  2. 27 years
  3. 240 years
  4. 21 miles long
  5. 24 years as host
  6. 75 rejected
  7. 21 silver medals
  8. 34% (33.5% rounded up)
  9. 11 goals
  10. 33 million pounds
  11. 52 thousands - £52,000
  12. 67 years old
  13. 12 hours
  14. 15 pounds
  15. Nine number ones