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Newspaper Comic Strips


  1. What's the title character of a famous comic strip created by Jim Davis?
  2. Created by cartoonist Reg Smythe, can you name the wife of Andy Capp?
  3. Which overfed viking, with a best friend named Lucky Eddie, was the creation of cartoonist Dik Browne?
  4. The British children's comic strip character Rupert Bear appeared in which newspaper on 8 November 1920?

  5. Which comic strip created by Scottish cartoonist Alex Graham, first published in the "Daily Mail" in 1963, was renamed Lillo il Cane Saggio in Italy?
  6. Name the political comic strip which appeared in "The Guardian" and was named after a famous poem?
  7. King's Counsel (formerly Queen's Counsel) is a British cartoon strip published in which newspaper since 1993?
  8. Norman Pett originally used his wife as a model for which comic strip for the "The Daily Mirror" from 1932 to 195O?
  9. First appearing in the "Daily Mirror" on 19 October 1959, which strip was about a group of neighbourhood children and an Old English Sheepdog?
  10. In the Charles M. Schulz’s comic strip Peanuts, who is the best friend of Charlie Brown?
  11. Complete the title of the '90s American cartoon, "Calvin and..."?
  12. Name the Scott Adams' comic strip about the absurdities of office life?
  13. "Beau Peep" was first published in the launch issue of which British newspaper on 2 November 1978?
  14. "Clare in the Community" is a a comic strip which appeared in which British newspaper?
  15. Complete the title of the British comic strip which ran in "The Sun" newspaper from 1976 to 2010: "George and..."?
  16. Which pompus military officer by cartoonist David Low, first appeared in the "London Evening Standard" in April 1934?


  1. Garfield
  2. Flo
  3. Hagar the Horrible
  4. Daily Express
  5. Fred Bassset
  6. If... (Rudyard Kipling poem)
  7. The Times
  8. Jane
  9. The Perishers
  10. Linus (Linus Van Pelt)
  11. Hobbes... Calvin and Hobbes
  12. Dilbert
  13. The Daily Star
  14. The Guardian
  15. Lynne... George and Lynne
  16. Colonel Blimp