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Newspaper Headlines


  1. "Mr. President" was a headline from the New York Post when who made American history in November, 2008?
  2. Complete the 1986 headline: "Freddie Starr ate my..."?
  3. In which year did the British newspaper The Daily Telegraph run the headline: "War on America"?
  4. What word beginning with 'P', ended with an exclamation mark, was plastered across the front page of Australia's The Sun on the morning of August 15, 1945?

  5. Which newspaper on 10 July, 2011, had the front page headline: 'Thank You & Goodbye'?
  6. Complete the April 1968 headline: "Martin King Shot To Death: Gunned Down in..."?
  7. Michael Jackson's eccentric behaviour earned him what two word nickname in the tabloid press?
  8. Complete the 2000 football headline: "Super Caley Go Ballistic Celtic Are..."?
  9. Complete the December 2005 headline: "Elton takes David up the..."?
  10. Complete the 2023 headline: "Crossbow intruder who stormed Windsor Castle to ‘kill Queen’ jailed for..."?
  11. Complete the 1988 front cover of the Sunday Sport newspaper headline: "World War Two Bomber Found on..."?
  12. Complete The New York Times 9th August 1974 headline: "Nixon..."?
  13. In April 1992, The Sun newspaper superimposed Neil Kinnock’s head on what object?
  14. On July 21, 1969, the headline of the first edition of The New York Times read "Men Land on Moon". This was updated on afternoon editions to "Man Walks on Moon". What four word title headed that day's final edition?
  15. What vegetable did a tabloid newspaper compare football manager Graham Taylor to?
  16. A newspaper celebrating the retirement of Alex Ferguson in 2013 featured just an image of a red what?
  17. Complete The Guardian headline about a British farmer diversifying into mail-order lingerie: "Where there’s muck, there’s..."?
  18. A newspaper headline on November 19, 1991 reading "Freed From His Chains At Last", was about who?


  1. Barack Obama
  2. Hamster
  3. 2001 (9/11 attacks)
  4. Peace!
  5. The News of the World
  6. Memphis
  7. Wacko Jacko
  8. Atrocious
  9. Aisle
  10. Treason
  11. Moon
  12. Resigns
  13. A lightbulb
  14. Men Walk on Moon
  15. Turnip
  16. Hairdryer
  17. Bras ("Where there’s muck, there’s bras")
  18. Terry Waite