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Nicknames of Prime Ministers

UK Prime Ministers Quiz

  1. Who was known as the 'grey man' of politics?
  2. Known for his toughness, what nickname was given to The Duke of Wellington?
  3. What adjective did the press put before Rishi in reference to Rishi Sunak's popularity during his tenure as Chancellor of the Exchequer?
  4. What nickname did Theresa May gain to describe her 'robotic' nature?

  5. Tony Blair was the youngest PM for nearly 200 years earning him the nickname of which Disney character?
  6. Which Prime Minister coined the term Disruptor-in-Chief to describe themselves?
  7. Who was known as 'The Glamour Boy' in reference to his neat appearance?
  8. Prime Minsiter David Cameron once described Boris Johnson as a 'greased' what?
  9. Who was once called "a sheep in sheep's clothing"?
  10. Was Edward Heath known as Farmer Heath, Grocer Heath or Housekeeper Heath?
  11. Winston Churchill was often affectionately known by what shortened version of his name?
  12. Labour MP Dennis Skinner was sent out of the House of Commons for calling David Cameron what?
  13. Who was known as "The Great Commoner"?
  14. Whose atire of black suit, wing collar and umbrella earned him the nickname "The Coroner"?
  15. Which Prime Minister was known as "The Welsh Wizard"?
  16. Who was described in a speech as "Big Clunking Fist"?
  17. Which PM was known as the "Grand Old Man"?
  18. On account of his youthful looks, The Times named which Prime Minister Lord Cupid?
  19. The British press dubbed future PM Margaret Thatcher a "snatcher" for legislation to eliminate free what from schools?
  20. Which Prime Minister was sometimes called "Boreas"?


  1. John Major
  2. The Iron Duke
  3. Dishy (Dishi Rishi)
  4. Maybot
  5. Bambi
  6. Liz Truss
  7. Anthony Eden
  8. Greased piglet
  9. Clement Attlee
  10. Grocer Heath
  11. Winnie
  12. Dodgy Dave
  13. William Pitt the Elder
  14. Neville Chamberlain
  15. David Lloyd George
  16. Gordon Brown
  17. William Gladstone
  18. Lord Palmerston (Henry John Temple, 3rd Viscount Palmerston)
  19. Milk (Thatcher was dubbed "Milk Snatcher" by the press)
  20. Lord North (Boreas means the north wind)