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Nordic Quiz

Questions About Nordic Countries

  1. Which country has the largest population in the Nordic Region?
  2. Scandinavia consists of which three countries?
  3. What is the Finnish name for 'Finland'?
  4. The Oresund bridge connects the Danish capital of Copenhagen with which Nordic city?
  5. What is the name of the gulf which is the northernmost arm of the Baltic Sea?

  6. Torshavn is a city in which country?
  7. Which three letter acronym represents Scandinavian Airlines?
  8. What's the name of the off-centre cross found on the flags of both Norway and Denmark?
  9. The Nobel Peace Prize is awarded in which city?
  10. Which city, the second-largest in Sweden, is now the largest port in Nordic countries?
  11. Writer Astrid Lindgren is best known for the creation of which character?
  12. Which peninsula forms the continental portion of Denmark?
  13. Which Norwegian artist is best known for The Scream?
  14. Which Nordic country is known for mobile phones and the Moomins?
  15. Which island is the largest and most populated in Denmark?
  16. Which country is nicknamed 'the land of fire and ice'?
  17. What is by far the largest town in Greenland?
  18. Which Norwegian playwright wrote the works Brand and Peer Gynt?
  19. What word means a long strip of sea between steep hills, found especially in Norway?
  20. Hornindalsvatnet Lake, the deepest lake in Europe, is in which country?
  21. What sort of land is famously situated in the town of Billund?
  22. What's the two word name of the winter sport in which athletes compete in cross-country skiing and ski jumping?
  23. Which city, the most populous inland city in the Nordic countries, has been officially declared the "Sauna Capital of the World"?
  24. Which three Nordic countries are member states of the EU?
  25. Name the autonomous, Swedish-speaking region of Finland consisting of more than 6,700 islands?


  1. Sweden
  2. Denmark, Norway and Sweden
  3. Suomi
  4. Malmo (in Sweden)
  5. The Gulf of Bothnia
  6. Faroe Islands
  7. SAS
  8. Nordic Cross
  9. Oslo
  10. Gothenburg
  11. Pippi Longstocking
  12. Jutland peninsula
  13. Edvard Munch
  14. Finland
  15. Zealand
  16. Iceland
  17. Nuuk
  18. Henrik Ibsen
  19. Fjord
  20. Norway
  21. Legoland
  22. Nordic combined
  23. Tampere
  24. Denmark, Finland and Sweden
  25. Aland