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North America Quiz

Quiz Questions

  1. The United States of America and Canada have the longest land border in the world. Is this border: (a) 3,526 miles, (b) 4,526 miles, or (c) 5,526 miles?
  2. What are also called pumas or mountain lions?
  3. Which city in North America has the largest population?
  4. European explorers arrived in larger numbers after which explorer discovered America in 1492?

  5. Big Bend National Park was named after a large bend in which river?
  6. Two questions about water. What do Americans call a tap? And what is the name of architect Frank Lloyd Wright's most widely acclaimed work?
  7. What name is given to the annual championship series of Major League Baseball?
  8. "Vaquero" is the name for a Mexican what?
  9. What one word derogatory term is chiefly applied to white Americans perceived to be unsophisticated or crass?
  10. Which city is the most populous city in Canada?
  11. Which large shopping centre is located in Bloomington, Minnesota?
  12. Can you name the biggest home improvement chain in the United States?
  13. Game show host Ken Jennings won over four and a half million dollars on which game show?
  14. In which national park will you find the lowest point in North America?
  15. Spokane is the second-most populous city in which U.S. state?
  16. Cornhole is a popular game in North America in which players through what into a hole?
  17. What vegetable do Americans call a rutabaga?
  18. What exactly is Tlachihualtepetl, a name which translates from Aztec to "made-by-hand mountain"?
  19. What, from Louisiana French, is a marshy slow-moving minor watercourse?
  20. Which Mexico peninsula is famous for its beaches and Mayan ruins?
  21. The Kennedy Space Center is in which American state?
  22. Where in North America was granted home rule in 1978 and officially adopted a red and white flag on 21 June 1985?
  23. A World War 2 American flag had how many stars?
  24. What's the logo of the famous professional ice hockey team based in Toronto?
  25. Niagara Falls is a group of three waterfalls. Can you name largest of the three?
  26. Which Mexican artist is best known for her brilliantly coloured self-portraits?
  27. The first "skyscrapers" of ten stories and more were built in which North American city?
  28. Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba are collectively known as what provinces?
  29. North America was first populated about 10,000 years ago when people moved across which sea between Siberia and Alaska?
  30. Denali is the highest mountain peak in North America. What was its former name?
  31. Whitehorse is the capital of which small Canadian territory?
  32. In John Steinbeck's novel The Grapes of Wrath which highway symbolizes escape and the hope of a new beginning?
  33. What is the largest land animal on the continent of North America?
  34. Which three main colours are in the national flag of Mexico?
  35. Which Canadian author who's best known for her children's novel about the adventures of 11 year old orphan Anne Shirley, was born on Prince Edward Island, Canada, in 1874?


  1. (c) 5,526 miles
  2. Cougars
  3. Mexico City
  4. Christopher Columbus
  5. Rio Grande, or Rio Bravo (Mexican name)
  6. A faucet. Fallingwater.
  7. The World Series
  8. Cowboy
  9. Redneck
  10. Toronto
  11. Mall of America
  12. Home Depot
  13. Jeopardy!
  14. Death Valley
  15. Washington
  16. Fabric bean bags
  17. A swede
  18. A pyramid (The Great Pyramid of Cholula)
  19. Bayou
  20. Yucatan peninsula
  21. Florida
  22. Greenland
  23. 48 stars
  24. Maple Leaf
  25. Horseshoe Falls
  26. Frida Kahlo
  27. Chicago
  28. The Prairie Provinces
  29. Bering Sea
  30. Mount McKinley
  31. Yukon
  32. Route 66
  33. Bison
  34. Green, white, and red
  35. Lucy Maud Montgomery (who wrote Anne of Green Gables)