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North East England Quiz


  1. Which border town has changed hands between England and Scotland many times throughout history, the last time was when Richard of Gloucester retook it for England in 1482?
  2. Which range of hills straddle the Anglo-Scottish border between Northumberland and the Scottish Borders?
  3. The Tyne Bridge bridge was officially opened in which decade?
  4. Name the work of art and largest sculpture in Britain; it's located beside the A1 road in Gateshead? And in which year was it created?

  5. What is the well-known alternative name for Holy Island, a tidal island off the northeast coast of England?
  6. Which market town and popular tourist destination in Teesdale, County Durham, is named after the castle around which it was built?
  7. What drink did a chemist named William Owen invent in his shop in Barras Bridge, Newcastle, in 1927?
  8. Which memorial sitting on a hill in Sunderland is a half-scale replica of the Temple of Hephaestus in Athens?
  9. Which Geordie folk song was written in the 19th century by Geordie Ridley, and is frequently sung by supporters of Newcastle United?
  10. Hadrian's Wall will celebrate which anniversary in 2022 with a year-long festival of events and activities?
  11. Which type of movable bridge connects Middlesbrough to Stockton on Tees by carrying a suspended 'gondola' across the river?
  12. Which town in North Tyneside, hometown and birthplace to musician Sting, derives its name from its location at the eastern end of Hadrian's Wall?
  13. Which open-air museum, near the town of Stanley, in County Durham, offers examples of everyday life in urban and rural North East England in the early 20th century?
  14. What name is given to the historical commercial centre of Newcastle upon Tyne?
  15. Name the engineer at Killingworth Main Colliery who invented a safety lamp known as the "Geordie" lamp, which was successfully tested in 1815?
  16. Can you name the fourth largest settlement in Tyne and Wear after Newcastle upon Tyne, Sunderland and Gateshead - J. Barbour and Sons Ltd, well known for its waxed jackets, was founded there?
  17. British explorer, navigator, and cartographer, Captain James Cook was born in a suburb of which town in 1728?
  18. Which South Tyneside town was the starting point in 1936 of a famous march to London to protest against unemployment in Britain?
  19. Which American politician's ancestors took their family name from the village of Roddam in Northumberland?
  20. Which town's steelworks was closed in 1980 with the loss of 3,700 jobs?


  1. Berwick-upon-Tweed
  2. The Cheviot Hills
  3. 1920s (in 1928 by King George V)
  4. The Angel of the North by Antony Gormley. It was created in 1998.
  5. Lindisfarne
  6. Barnard Castle
  7. Lucozade
  8. Penshaw Monument
  9. Blaydon Races
  10. 1,900th anniversary
  11. Transporter bridge
  12. Wallsend
  13. Beamish Museum
  14. Grainger Town
  15. George Stephenson
  16. South Shields
  17. Middlesbrough
  18. Jarrow
  19. Hillary Clinton (Hillary’s grandfather left Durham for the United States)
  20. Consett

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