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North South Divide


  1. Which river historically marked the boundary between Northern England and Southern England?
  2. There have been many attempts to address the north-south divide with foreign investment. Which car manufacturer opened at Sunderland in 1984?
  3. In linguistics, which 'gap' is often said to be where England experiences its division of north and south dialects?

  4. Londoner Ken Livingstone suggested that the media's unsympathetic treatment of which northern former politician was partly because he is one to "speak like ordinary people"?
  5. Until 2004, which supermarket chain's locations were focused primarily in the north until its takeover of Safeway?
  6. Between May and December 2011 many BBC departments moved from London to which northern city?
  7. The Economist newspaper proposed in a 2017 article that the origins of the north–south divide could be traced back to which historical event?
  8. "Manchester" was dropped from which newspaper's name in 1959 to reflect the newspaper's standing as a national daily?
  9. Which county contains High Willhays, the highest peak in the UK south of the Brecon Beacons?
  10. The 1973 commercial for Hovis bread sees a boy pushing a bike laden with loaves of bread up the cobbled street of a northern town. However, in which southern town was the advert actually filmed?
  11. Which part of England heavily voted for Brexit in 2016, the north or south?
  12. Which commercial TV broadcaster which began transmission in 1956, had a large arrow pointing upwards to represent northwards as part of its logo?


  1. The Trent
  2. Nissan Motor Manufacturing
  3. Watford Gap
  4. John Prescott
  5. Morrisons
  6. Salford
  7. The Norman Conquest
  8. The Guardian (Before 1959 it was the Manchester Guardian)
  9. Devon
  10. Shaftesbury (Gold Hill in Shaftesbury, Dorset)
  11. The north
  12. Granada Television