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  1. Which Norse explorer is described in Icelandic sagas as having founded the first settlement in Greenland?
  2. Which city is the second-largest city in Norway after its capital, Oslo?
  3. Which Norwegian explorer became the first to successfully reach the South Pole on 14 December 1911?
  4. Which Nobel Prize has been awarded in Oslo annually since 1901?

  5. Karsten Warholm is a Norwegian athlete who in July 2021 broke the 29-year-old world record in which event?
  6. The city of Kristiansand is strategically located on which narrow passage of water?
  7. True or false. Norway is the world's most successful nation at the Winter Olympic Games?
  8. Which Norwegian artist and painter is known for his painting 'The Scream'?
  9. Which town hosted the 1994 Winter Olympics?
  10. What is the official currency of Norway?
  11. Which Norwegian politician's name became a word for traitor during World War II?
  12. Which Norwegian playwright and theatre director published the play Peer Gynt in 1867?


  1. Erik the Red
  2. Bergen
  3. Roald Amundsen
  4. Nobel Peace Prize
  5. 400 metres hurdles
  6. The Skagerrak
  7. True
  8. Edvard Munch
  9. Lillehammer
  10. Krone (plural kroner)

  11. Vidkun Quisling
  12. Henrik Ibsen

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