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Nottingham Quiz


  1. Which river flows through the city of Nottingham?
  2. Which Nottongham born author is best known for the novel Saturday Night and Sunday Morning?
  3. Who is the main antagonist in the legend of Robin Hood?
  4. Which local Elizabethan house built in the 1580s has been dubbed "the architectural sensation of its age."? It was also the filming location for Wayne Manor in the Batman movie "The Dark Knight Rises."
  5. Which annual travelling fair is held at the Forest Recreation Ground?
  6. What fabric made Nottingham a global trading centre in the early 19th century?

  7. Holme Pierrepont Country Park is home to which national sports centre?
  8. Which famous writer attended Nottingham High School from 1898 to 1901?
  9. Can you name the home ground of Notts County?
  10. Brian Clough and Peter Taylor first won the UEFA European Cup in which year?
  11. Which retail chain first started off in 1849 as a store at 6 Goose Gate, Nottingham?
  12. Which pub, partially built into the cave system beneath Nottingham Castle, is a contender for the oldest inn in England?
  13. Which manufacturing company founded in 1902 in Nottingham produced bicycle hub gears and other bicycle components?
  14. Nottingham coach Janet Sawbridge put who together in 1975?
  15. The Sky Mirror is a stainless steel, public sculpture by which artist?


  1. River Trent
  2. Alan Sillitoe
  3. The Sheriff of Nottingham
  4. Wollaton Hall
  5. The Nottingham Goose Fair
  6. Lace
  7. The National Water Sports Centre
  8. D. H. Lawrence
  9. Meadow Lane
  10. 1979 (and for a second time in 1980)
  11. Boots
  12. Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem
  13. Sturmey-Archer
  14. Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean (both Nottingham born and bred)
  15. Anish Kapoor