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Observation Quiz - observing the world around you!?

Quiz I

  1. On the American flag, which stripe is at the top, red or white?
  2. Who is the tallest, Prince William or Prince Harry?
  3. What colour is the door of 10 Downing Street?
  4. What colour is the letter 'l' in Google's logo?
  5. On a standard 2020 UK stamp is the Queen looking to the left, the right, or straight on?

  6. On a standard keyboard, which letter is to the right of the 'Y' key?
  7. What colour shirt does Star Trek's Captain James Tiberius Kirk wear?
  8. In which hand is the Statue of Liberty's torch?
  9. What black shape is on the centre square of a game of scrabble?
  10. Which Beatle was barefoot walking on the zebra crossing of the Abbey Road album cover?
  11. What colour is the outside woodwork of Coronation Street's Rovers Return?
  12. How many tomatoes are there on a Heinz ketchup label?
  13. Which historical figure is on the reverse of a 2020 UK ten pound note?
  14. What colour is Mickey Mouse's shoes?
  15. What colour tie does Donald Trump wear mostly?
  16. Which station do you come across first after 'Go' on a standard London Monopoly board?
  17. There's an animal incorporated into the mountain logo design of Toblerone chocolate - what sort of animal?
  18. What colour is the letter 'y' in the ebay logo?
  19. In the five-ring Olympics logo, which colour ring is centre top?
  20. How many Duff Duffs are in EastEnders theme?
  21. On the famous Land's End signpost, which two places are there directions to at the top of the post?
  22. On the French flag, which colour is closest to the flag pole?
  23. Did Hitler have his hair parting on his right or left?
  24. Superman's badge features a 'S' letter on what colour background?


  1. Red stripe
  2. Prince William
  3. Black
  4. Green letter 'l'
  5. Looking left
  6. 'U' key
  7. Yellow shirt
  8. Right hand
  9. Star
  10. Paul McCartney
  11. Green
  12. One tomato
  13. Jane Austen
  14. Yellow shoes

  15. Red tie
  16. King's Cross Station
  17. Bear
  18. Green letter 'Y'
  19. Black ring
  20. 9 'duff duff' drum beats
  21. New York and John O'Groats
  22. Blue
  23. Right parting
  24. Yellow background