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Oil Quiz Questions I

  1. In recent history, which countries are in the top three world producers of oil?
  2. Oil is measured in barrels, one barrel contains how many US gallons of crude oil: (a) 42, (b) 82, or (c) 112 gallons?
  3. Which state is by far the largest oil-producing state in the United States?
  4. Which city is known as the off-shore oil capital of Europe?

  5. Which country has the most proven oil reserves in the world?
  6. From which plant do we get linseed oil?
  7. The word "petroleum" is derived from two Ancient Greek words, what does the word "petra" mean in Greek?
  8. Who founded the Standard Oil Company in 1870 and is widely considered the wealthiest American of all time?
  9. Paraffin is a combustible hydrocarbon liquid, what do Americans call paraffin?
  10. What does the acronym OPEC stand for?
  11. During Word War Two which country was Germany's major source of oil?
  12. In the UK, diesel fuel for on-road use is commonly abbreviated to what acronym?
  13. The Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill, the largest accidental oil spill in history, took place in which body of water in 2010?
  14. Name the supertanker which ran aground on rocks off the UK's south-west coast in 1967, which is still the he UK's worst-ever oil spill?
  15. Name the famous American oil well firefighter who helped put out the North Sea's Piper Alpha oil platform fire in 1988?
  16. Every citizen in which country became a theoretical millionaire in 2014 when its sovereign wealth fund ballooned thanks to high oil prices?
  17. Made by the Chesebrough Manufacturing Company until 1987, what was originally called olive oil water?
  18. Founded in 1960, can you name the five founding members of OPEC?
  19. Which type of rocks is petroleum found in: igneous, metamorphic, or sedimenary rocks?
  20. Which country was the leading oil producer in Africa in 2019?
  21. Which Arab country has the most oil?
  22. UKCS is the region of waters surrounding the United Kingdom, in which the country has mineral rights, what does the 'C' and 'S' letters stand for in this acronym?
  23. Which country is the world's cheapest place to buy petrol, where it costs just 2 pence a litre?
  24. Not including Russia, the UK is the second largest producer of oil in Europe behind which country?


  1. United States, Russia, and Saudi Arabia (in order, with the United States top)
  2. (a) 42 gallons
  3. Texas
  4. Aberdeen
  5. Venezuela
  6. Flax
  7. Rock
  8. Rockefeller (John Davidson Rockefeller)
  9. Kerosene
  10. The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries
  11. Romania
  12. DERV (diesel-engined road vehicle)
  13. Gulf of Mexico
  14. Torrey Canyon (SS Torrey Canyon)
  15. Red Adair
  16. Norway
  17. Vaseline
  18. Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Venezuela
  19. Sedimenary rocks

  20. Nigeria
  21. Saudi Arabia
  22. UK Continental Shelf
  23. Venezuela
  24. Norway