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February 17th Quiz

What happened on February 17th - events and birthdays quiz.

February 17 Quiz Questions

  1. On February 17th, 1867, the first ship passed through where?
  2. On this day in 1854, the United Kingdom recognized the independence of which Boer sovereign republic in Southern Africa?
  3. In 1972, the cumulative sales of which car surpassed that of the previous record holder, the Ford Model T?
  4. In 1904, which opera received its premiere at La Scala in Milan?
  5. It's Ed Sheeran's birthday, how old did he become on February 17th, 2021?
  6. In which war did The H. L. Hunley become the first submarine to engage and sink a warship?
  7. In 2008, which partially-recognised state declared independence from Serbia?
  8. Which Apache leader whose name means 'the one who yawns' died from pneumonia after a fall from his horse in 1909?
  9. On this day in 1996, world chess champion Garry Kasparov beat which supercomputer with a colour related name?
  10. What did Julius Wolff in Eastport, Maine, do to sardines in 1876?
  11. On February 17, 2002, who wed theatre company manager Percy Gibson at Claridge's Hotel in London?
  12. In 1972, the British Parliament voted to join what?


  1. The Suez Canal
  2. The Orange Free State
  3. Volkswagen Beetle
  4. Madama Butterfly (by Giacomo Puccini)
  5. 30

  6. American Civil War (on February 17th, 1864)
  7. Kosovo
  8. Geronimo
  9. Deep Blue
  10. First to can them
  11. Joan Collins
  12. The Common Market