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Music Questions

  1. Which rock group, mostly considered as a one hit wonder, are best known for their song "Play That Funky Music"?
  2. Brian and Michael are a British music duo best known for which 1978 UK number one hit?
  3. In February 1981 which novelty song kept Ultravox's hit "Vienna" from reaching the UK number one spot?
  4. Clive Dunn was starring in the TV sitcom Dad's Army when he released which novelty single?

  5. German singer Nena reached the UK number one spot with which song?
  6. "Kung Fu Fighting" is a disco song by which singer?
  7. Which song by the English rock band Babylon Zoo gained considerable exposure through its use in a Levi's jeans TV advert in late 1995?
  8. Which 1981 song was a one hit wonder for American singer and choreographer Toni Basil?
  9. The Buggles are best known for which 1979 debut single?
  10. Which year was a hit for Zager and Evans in 1969?
  11. "Let Her Go" is a song written and recorded by which English singer-songwriter?
  12. Which Spanish dance song by Los del Rio was about a woman who cheats on her boyfriend while he is being drafted into the army?


  1. Wild Cherry
  2. Matchstalk Men and Matchstalk Cats and Dogs
  3. Shaddap You Face (by Joe Dolce Music Theatre)
  4. Grandad
  5. 99 Red Balloons
  6. Carl Douglas
  7. Spaceman
  8. Mickey
  9. Video Killed the Radio Star
  10. 2525 (the song was "In the Year 2525")

  11. Passenger
  12. Macarena

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