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One-team Players

Quiz: One-club men in all sports

  1. Which footballer played 504 times for Arsenal?
  2. Geoffrey Boycott played cricket from 1962 to 1986 for which county?
  3. Who played 493 times for Manchester United from 1994 to 2013?
  4. Basketball player Kobe Bryant played all his 20-year career with which team?

  5. Italian footballer Paolo Maldini played for which club?
  6. Goalkeeper Lev Yashin made his debut for which club in 1950?
  7. Ledley King spent his entire career at which club?
  8. Which footballer appeared in 737 matches over 16 seasons for Liverpool?
  9. Ryan Giggs is the ultimate one-club man with 963 appearances for Manchester United. In which year did he surpass Bobby Charlton's mark of 758 appearances? It was on the same night Giggs won his second Champions League in Moscow against Chelsea.
  10. Which well known international rugby player spent his whole club career at Fylde?
  11. Baseball legend Joe DiMaggio played his entire 13-year career with which Major League Baseball team?
  12. Jack Charlton played his entire football club career with which team?
  13. Rugby Lion Richard Hill played 288 times for which club?
  14. Who was Spanish legend Xavi talking about in a newspaper article with the following: "His talent was simply out of the norm. He could simply dribble past seven or eight players but without speed - he just walked past them. For me he was sensational"?
  15. Nat Lofthouse played his entire career for which football club?
  16. Sir Ian McGeechanchan played for only one rugby club during a 15-year career. Which club?
  17. American football quarterback Dan Marino played his entire playing career for which team?
  18. Richie McCaw played his whole career for which New Zealand team?
  19. Football player Ron Atkinson, nicknamed "Big Ron", played 560 times for which club?
  20. Who noteably played for the Boston Celtics for 13 seasons, his entire playing career?


  1. Tony Adams
  2. Yorkshire
  3. Paul Scholes
  4. Los Angeles Lakers
  5. AC Milan
  6. Dynamo Moscow
  7. Tottenham Hotspur F.C.
  8. Jamie Carragher
  9. 2008 (May 21, 2008)
  10. Billy Beaumont
  11. New York Yankees
  12. Leeds United
  13. Saracens
  14. Matt Le Tissier (Southampton)
  15. Bolton Wanderers
  16. Headingley
  17. Miami Dolphins
  18. Crusaders
  19. Oxford United
  20. Larry Bird