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Only Fools and Horses Quiz Questions

TV Classic Quiz

  1. How many times has Del Boy been married?
  2. What was the name of the block of flats the Trotters had their flat in?
  3. Who was publican of the "Nag's Head"?
  4. Who always wore a Trilby hat and was usualy boasting about some imagined business successes?
  5. Where did Del and the gang go on a coach trip in "The Jolly Boys' Outing"? And this episode was a Christmas special in which year?

  6. What is Boycie's middle name? It starts with the letter 'A'. And what is his wife's name?
  7. What did Del and Rodney try to deliver to a man named Dirty Barry in the episode "Danger UXD"?
  8. Which three places are painted onto the Trotters Independent Trading Company van?
  9. What's the name of the easy-going Liverpudlian lorry driver often on the receiving end of Del's scams?
  10. When Rodney wins a holiday to Majorca in a painting competition how old do the organisers think he is?
  11. What is Trigger's real name?
  12. Actor Jim Broadbent made three appearances as DCI who?
  13. What did Del offer to clean for Lady Ridgemere who owned the Ridgemere Hall Estate?
  14. What is Rodney's middle name?
  15. What did Rodney get a diploma in, thanks to Del bribing the examiner?
  16. What are the name of the criminal brothers that are collecting their debts in the episode "Little Problems"?
  17. What name does Del and Rodney give to the illegal immigrant seemingly stowed away in their van in the episode "Strangers on the Shore"?
  18. What is the name of Cassandra's father?
  19. In the episode "Stage Fright", what song does Raquel sing with Tony Angelino?
  20. When Cassandra and Rodney have their baby in the last episode "Sleepless in Peckham", what name do they give their baby, after Rodney's late mother?
  21. According to Del, what is a female swan called after Rodney tried to give him a clue by discreetly showing him a pen?


  1. None (although engaged many times, he never marries)
  2. Nelson Mandela House
  3. Mike (Mike Fisher)
  4. Mickey Pearce
  5. Margate. 1989.
  6. Aubrey. Marlene
  7. Sex dolls (filled with propane gas)
  8. New York, Paris, Peckham
  9. Denzil
  10. Fourteen
  11. Colin Ball
  12. Roy Slater
  13. Clean her chandeliers
  14. Charlton
  15. Diploma in Computer Science
  16. Driscoll Brothers
  17. Gary
  18. Alan Parry

  19. Crying
  20. Joan
  21. Bic (the correct answer is a 'pen')