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  1. Oxford University grew rapidly from 1167 when which king banned English students from attending the University of Paris?
  2. Which museum on Beaumont Street, Oxford, is Britain's first public museum?
  3. Which international postgraduate award for students to study was established in 1903, and is the oldest graduate scholarship in the world?
  4. Margaret Thatcher studied chemistry at which college?

  5. Which circular building in the heart of Oxford was designed by James Gibbs in the mid 18th century to house a science library?
  6. Which college features Tom Quad, the largest quadrangle in Oxford, and the Great Dining Hall which was also the seat of King Charles I's parliament in the English Civil War?
  7. Which Oxford educated British Prime Minister also served as a lecturer at the age of 21, which made him one of the youngest Oxford dons of the century?
  8. What name is given to the Thames river as it flows through Oxford?
  9. Which Oxford college comes first alphabetically?
  10. The University Museum of Natural History holds the most complete remains found anywhere in the world of which extinct bird?
  11. Can you name the main research library which is also one of the oldest libraries in Europe?


  1. Henry II
  2. The Ashmolean Museum
  3. The Rhodes Scholarship
  4. Somerville College
  5. The Radcliffe Camera
  6. Christ Church
  7. Harold Wilson
  8. Isis
  9. Balliol College

  10. Dodo
  11. The Bodleian Library

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