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Paralympic Games Quiz


  1. Which English village is seen as the birthplace of the Paralympic movement?
  2. The first Paralympic Games were held in 1960, six days after the close of the Olympics, in which city?
  3. Rather than the five rings of the Olympics, the Paralympic symbol features how many crescent-shaped curves called agitos?
  4. At the 2011 World Championships in Athletics, which Paralympic champion was the first amputee to win a non-disabled world track medal?
  5. Due to its chair-knocking intensity, what was wheelchair rugby initially called?

  6. Name the Paralympic champion who won her first medal at the age of 13 and is the youngest winner of the BBC Young Sports Personality of the Year?
  7. In Tokyo 2020 in which position did Great Britain come in the overall medal table?
  8. Whose fifth and last Paralympic Games were in 2004 where she won two gold medals in wheelchair racing in the 100m and 400m?
  9. The joint second tallest man alive in the world in 2022, Iran’s Morteza Mehrzad, was a 2016 gold medallist in which sport?
  10. At the London 2012 Games, which British athlete won four gold medals: three at the Olympic Stadium and one in the marathon?
  11. Whose seventeen Paralympic gold medals make her the most successful British Paralympian of all time?
  12. The Paralympics and Olympics have been held together in the same city ever since the Seoul Games in which year?
  13. Which city was first to host the Summer Paralympics twice?
  14. In which sport would you get a person called a tapper?
  15. Wenlock was the official mascot for the 2012 London Summer Olympics, what was the official mascot for the 2012 Summer Paralympics?
  16. Which sport was invented in 1976 by Brad Parks, as a recreational therapy after he was injured while skiing?
  17. The Paralympics three word motto was introduced in 2004 in Athens. What is it?
  18. Boccia is a ball sport related to which sport?
  19. What does the C5 classification stand for in the Paralympics?
  20. Sir David Lee Pearson is a 14-times Paralympic Games gold medallist having represented Britain in which sport?


  1. Stoke Mandeville
  2. Rome
  3. Three crescent-shaped curves or agitos
  4. Oscar Pistorius
  5. Murderball
  6. Ellie Simmonds
  7. Second (China came first, the USA third)
  8. Tanni Grey-Thompson (in total in her Paralympic career Tanni's won 16 medals (11 gold, four silver and a bronze)
  9. Volleyball (sitting volleyball)
  10. David Weir
  11. Sarah Storey's
  12. 1988
  13. Tokyo (1964 & 2021)
  14. Swimming (tappers let visually impaired swimmers know when they are approaching the end of the pool)
  15. Mandeville
  16. Wheelchair tennis
  17. Spirit in Motion
  18. Bowls or petanque (accept either answer)
  19. Minimum impairement
  20. Para-equestrian