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Paris Olympics Quiz


  1. What sort of climbing will be one of the new sports to feature at this Olympics?
  2. Which two competitions will begin two days before the Opening Ceremony?
  3. Paris will now have hosted the Summer Olympics how many times?
  4. Antoine Dupont will represent France in which event?
  5. Nearly 10,000 miles away from France, Tahiti will host which competition?
  6. Extreme slalom will be a new event in which sport?
  7. Which swimmer won three gold medals and a bronze in water polo at the 1924 Paris Olympics?
  8. Which French tennis player and businessman won a bronze medal at the 1924 Paris Summer Olympics?
  9. Which large public greenspace in Paris will host the beach volleyball?
  10. The height of the Eiffel Tower to its tip is closest in length to which athletics track event?

  11. Which dance competition will be one of the new sports for Paris 2024?
  12. The Olympic Games will be back in France for the first time in 32 years. Which French commune hosted the Winter Games in 1992?
  13. The Olympic mascots have a design based on which traditional French object?
  14. While the Olympic Flame is being extinguished during the closing ceremony, the Flame for the Paralympic Games will be lit in which village? (Hint: it's in England)
  15. Martin Fourcade is France's most successful Olympian of all time. Which winter olympics event did he compete in?
  16. Stade de France is in which commune just north of Paris?
  17. The reverse of the 2024 Olympic medals feature which Greek goddess?
  18. Which personification of the French Republic is one of the elements of the 2024 Summer Olympics official emblem?
  19. Why is English female tennis player Charlotte Sterry's win at the 1900 Paris Olympics all the more famous?
  20. The sailing competition will be held in which city?
  21. Leon Marchand is a favourite to win a medal in front of his home crowd in which sport?
  22. The first ever what, was built in 1924 at Colombes in the north-west of Paris?


  1. Sport climbing (or bolted climbing)
  2. Football and rugby
  3. Three times (1900, 1924, 2024)
  4. Rugby, or Rugby Sevens
  5. Surfing
  6. Canoeing
  7. Johnny Weissmuller
  8. Jean Rene Lacoste
  9. Champ de Mars
  10. 400 metres (330 metres in height)
  11. Breaking, or breakdancing
  12. Albertville
  13. A cap (the Phrygian cap)
  14. Stoke Mandeville (birthplace of the Paralympic movement)
  15. Biathlon
  16. Saint-Denis
  17. Nike (the goddess of victory)
  18. Marianne
  19. She became the first ever individual female Olympic champion
  20. Marseille
  21. Swimming
  22. Olympic Village