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Patron Saints Quiz Questions I

  1. Who is the patron saint of the internet?
  2. Valentine is the patron saint of love, but which hobby or occupation also falls under his patronage?
  3. Who is the patron saint of unattractive people?
  4. On which date is St. Andrew's Day celebrated?
  5. What did St Patrick use to explain the Holy Trinity?

  6. According to legend, how many days will it again rain for if it rains on St. Swithin's day?
  7. What did St Patrick banish from Ireland?
  8. Saint Giles is the patron saint of which British city?
  9. Who is the patron saint of doctors?
  10. Which country's patron saints were previously Edward, Edmund the Martyr and Gregory the Great?


  1. Isidore of Seville
  2. Bee keeping
  3. Saint Drogo
  4. November 30th
  5. A shamrock
  6. Another 40 days
  7. Snakes

  8. Edinburgh
  9. Saint Luke
  10. England