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People and Places that Share the Same Name


  1. The fourth-largest city in Florida and actor born in Canterbury, England?
  2. Michael Jackson's daughter shares her name with which city?
  3. The Great Soprendo and a a cathedral city?
  4. Oldest daughter of Sarah Palin and British city?

  5. Co-founder of the online encyclopedia Wikipedia and a country?
  6. 100 metres Olympic champion and city often described as England's smallest?
  7. Actor who won an Oscar for Jerry Maguire and country?
  8. A city at the southern tip of a lake in northern Italy and singer who Bing Crosby once called "the man who invented casual"?
  9. Senior WWII British Army officer and a town in the Welsh county of Powys?
  10. City in the U.S. State of Mississippi and painter of Number 17A?
  11. An American aircraft carrier is named after him and English city?
  12. The most populated city in North Carolina and a British singer?


  1. Orlando Bloom
  2. Paris (Paris Jackson)
  3. Durham (Geoffrey Durham)
  4. Bristol (Bristol Palin)
  5. Wales (Jimmy Wales)
  6. Wells (Alan Wells)
  7. Cuba (Cuba Gooding Jr.)
  8. Como (Perry Como)
  9. Montgomery (Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery and Montgomery, Powys)

  10. Jackson (Jackson Pollock)
  11. Chester (Chester Nimitz)
  12. Charlotte Church

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