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People on Banknotes

Quiz: Commoners on Banknotes

  1. In 2017, who was unveiled on the new British £10 banknote on the 200th anniversary of the that person's death?
  2. As of 2023, all Bank of Scotland notes bear a portrait of which famous Scot?
  3. Who featured on the last British pound notes?
  4. Who features on the reverse of the British £50 polymer notes first issued on 23 June 2021?

  5. Whose image appears on the Australian 10 dollar note, along with an illustration inspired by "The Man From Snowy River"?
  6. Name the 18th President of the United States who features on the front of an American 50 dollar bill?
  7. In 2006, the Ulster Bank issued one million £5 notes featuring which famous person?
  8. Which famous Norwegian featured on the 1000 kroner notes printed between 2001 and 2019?
  9. Which New Zealander has been on New Zealand's five-dollar note since 1992?
  10. Can you name the first historical woman to feature on a British banknote?
  11. Where in the world would you see Horatio Nelson on the reverse of a £20 note issued in 1995?
  12. Which actress is on the obverse of Sweden's 100 krona notes issued in 2016?
  13. Which famous person is on the reverese of the £5 notes issued in the United Kingdom in 2016?
  14. Who featured on the reverse of the £5 notes in circulation in the UK between 2002 and 2016?
  15. As of 2013, a portrait of Hannibal features on the 5 dinar banknotes of which country?
  16. Which accomplished historical figure appeared on the back of United Kingdom £50 notes from 1981 to 1996?
  17. Chinese money displays the face of which influential figure?
  18. The £20 banknote first issued in June 1999, carried the portrait of which composer?


  1. Jane Austen
  2. Sir Walter Scott
  3. Sir Isaac Newton
  4. Alan Turing
  5. Banjo Paterson's
  6. Ulysses S. Grant
  7. George Best
  8. Edvard Munch
  9. Sir Edmund Hillary
  10. Florence Nightingale (appeared on the £10 note between 1975 and 1992)
  11. Gibraltar
  12. Greta Garbo
  13. Winston Churchill
  14. Elizabeth Fry
  15. Tunisia
  16. Sir Christopher Wren
  17. Mao Zedong, or Mao
  18. Sir Edward Elgar