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Welcome to our NATO Phonetic Alphabet Page

The NATO Phonetic Alphabet Reference List: Letters - Code word

  1. A: Alpha
  2. B: Bravo

  3. C: Charlie
  4. D: Delta
  5. E: Echo
  6. F: Foxtrot
  7. G: Golf
  8. H: Hotel
  9. I: India
  10. J: Juliet
  11. K: Kilo
  12. L: Lima
  13. M: Mike
  14. N: November
  15. O: Oscar
  16. P: Papa
  17. Q: Quebec
  18. R: Romeo
  19. S: Sierra
  20. T: Tango
  21. U: Uniform
  22. V: Victor
  23. W: Whiskey
  24. X: X-ray
  25. Y: Yankee
  26. Z: Zulu

Some question suggestions...

  1. Which code word of the NATO phonetic alphabet is also a capital city? Answer - Lima
  2. Which word in the NATO phonetic alphabet is the reversal of another English word? Answer - Golf (which is 'flog' backwards)
  3. Which code word of the phonetic alphabet is also the first name of the fictional creator of a famous monster? Answer - Victor (as in Victor Frankenstein)
  4. Which word in the phonetic alphabet can mean a long jagged mountain chain? Answer - Sierra
  5. How many letters in the phonetic alphabet are also men’s proper first names (yes, including Romeo!)? Answer - 5 (Charlie, Mike, Oscar, Romeo and Victor)

That's just five suggestions, but the questions are so easy to make up for your quizzes with letters represented by words such as India, Quebec, etc. And of course, there's the less imaginative 'which word represents the letter 'P' in the phonetic alphabet?' type of question. Have fun!

Note: The phonetic alphabet is called the NATO phonetic alphabet. And it is officially denoted as the International Radiotelephony Spelling Alphabet.

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