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Picture Round

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What is a picture round?

Looking for a picture round? Picture rounds are a very popular and fun pub quiz handout. Usually these rounds feature famous people; it can be film actors, TV celebs, faces from history or sporting stars, etc. Other ideas for a picture quiz are flags, logos, animals, cities, landmarks, etc., etc. It's simply a case of using your imagination and making sure your images are copyright free.

Printable original picture rounds

This is a new page, so we'll start with one image round and add a few more throughout 2023. Each round consists of 20 images on a sheet with a space along the side to write your answers. Our first quiz is a mixture of famous people with the odd flag, building and geographical feature thrown in. You can take a guess if you don't recognise a certain image.

Download and print a ready-made picture quiz!

image of a printer Twenty picture round questions.
PDF format.
Prints neatly onto an A4 page.

Picture round: PICTURE ROUND
And don't forget the answers: PICTURE ROUNDS ANSWERS

Print as many picture rounds as required - it's better to print too many than not enough. And then print your answer sheet - normally only one needed for the quizmaster. Most people have a PDF reader installed on their computer - you can get them for free online.
IMPORTANT: Print out the question sheet using the correct printer mode settings. Your computer may do this automatically. Preferably print in colour but the handout will still work in black and white.

Pictures Round Sample

View this quiz round instantly in you PDF reader. The printout is of a much better quality than the image below...