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Poet Laureates


  1. Who was appointed the first offical Poet Laureate in 1668 by Charles II?
  2. Which poem became hugely popular after being published on 9 December 1854 in The Examiner by the then Poet Laureate?
  3. Who was the first female Poet Laureate?
  4. Who was appointed Poet Laureate on 10 May 2019?

  5. >Salt-Water Poems and Ballads is a book of poetry first published in 1916 by which poet, 14 years before he became Poet Laureate?
  6. Name the Anglo-Irish poet who was Poet Laureate from 1968 until his death in 1972?
  7. The poem "I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud" is often called what one word title?
  8. Who was Poet Laureate from 1999 to 2009?
  9. Which twentieth century Poet Laureate famous for views of urban life was knighted three years before being appointed Poet Laureate?
  10. Whose most significant is the 1970 poem "Crow"?
  11. Poet Laureates were historically appointed for an unfixed term, but that changed in 1999 when the position became a fixed term of how many years?
  12. Can you name any of the four poets that have turned down the role?


  1. John Dryden
  2. Charge of the Light Brigade (by Alfred, Lord Tennyson)
  3. Dame Carol Ann Duffy (appointed Poet Laureate in May 2009)
  4. Simon Armitage
  5. John Masefield
  6. Cecil Day-Lewis
  7. Daffodils (by William Wordsworth)
  8. Sir Andrew Motion
  9. Sir John Betjeman
  10. Ted Hughes
  11. 10 years
  12. Thomas Gray, Philip Larkin, Samuel Rogers and Walter Scott